Back with a new build! CPE race truck


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I've always wanted a race rig, that could compete in MANY classes or bash with the best of them! 2wd SCT's, and buggies just didn't cut it for me, and I've always had a love for monster trucks that those other race vehicles couldn't replace! Plus nothing beats the look on peoples faces when you walk into a race track with a huge monster truck! haha! Was planning to build an SMT10 into a race truck.. but tired of waiting for that from China..

I have wanted a lightweight G10 or carbon race chassis for a month or so and love the look of the Barbarian! Due to waiting 3 weeks and still going for the SMT10 BLAH! I bit the carbon chassis bullet!

Full option carbon Barbarian chassis! and a SLEW of goodies for it as well since I'm parting out my SMT build! going to do it as a Raminator since I've already had a Bear Foot..

Parts -
Axial front universal axles
Axial 43/13 gears
Axial small servo mount plate
Fast Eddie SCX10 ceramic bearing kit
No name China aluminum front knuckles
SSD titanium steering links
SSD servo arm
Aluminum beef tubes
Pro-Line Power Stroke scaler 95mm shocks
Pro-Line front spring kit
Hot Racing Wraith adjustable sway bar kit
Hot Racing aluminum trans gear set
Pro-Line Ram 1500 body
Raminator decals from MCI
Robinson aluminum 1 piece trans output gear
Robinson 93t spur gear
Robinson aluminum 20t/23t pinions
RPM servo posts
Traxxas Slash driveshafts
TQ 16ga motor lead wire (hard wire or deans not sure yet)
Jconcepts yellow Tribute wheels
Jconcepts blue compound Firestorms (probably change when the Goodyears come out maybe)
Vanquish chromoly rear axles

Electronics -
Flysky radio
Savox 0251MG servo
Hobbywing 1080 ESC
AE short 2s lipo w/ Deans
Team Brood 12x2 hand wound brushed motor

Let know what you think!?



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Very nice start for the build and can’t wait to see pictures of it coming together. How much does team Brood charge for motors??


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Thanks! Eddie charges $68 shipped for the same Chaos motor I have. PM'd him on Facebook and asked him what I should do as I wanted a 2s brushed setup for a MT, motor was spec'd, paid (left a note to change the arm), and 4 days later I had the motor.. he even breaks them in, so all you have to do wire/install it. I wanted a 9-10t motor, but said he had 12t arms ready to go so went with one of them! I'm betting the hand wound motor will be faster than that of a Titan 12t.. especially in a light truck like this one will be!

Decided I didn't want any no name parts in the build so bought new knuckles.. yet again more parts ordered! I swear I'm done now though haha! :Do_O

Ordered -
Vanquish SCX10 dual slipper chromoly top shaft
Avid Triad "stock" slipper clutch (trickery is in order to get this to work) cross your fingers..
Avid 81t, 84t, and 87t spur gears (to replace the 72/76 that comes with the clutch kit)
AE long body clips
AE battery foam
175RC black aluminum M4 wheel nuts
SSD knuckles in black
Fast Eddie ceramic 5x13x4 bearings for the SSD knuckles (they use a larger outer bearing and want ALL ceramic bearings haha)

Plan behind the slipper upgrade IS I want the Vanquish top shaft for the strength, rotational weight reduction, and want to keep 48p gearing to keep the aluminum pinions I have (again for weight). The Avid clutch should need VERY little modding to work I would think.. I seriously modded one on an RC10 classic, and it worked MINT.


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Well after talking with Brett at CPE I want o swap out the hardware on the whole build so it all matches.. wanted Titanium BUT at $250 for enough hardware to build the truck it's just not affordable for how much hardware is needed. SO I went with high strength 12.9 hardware, and got MORE parts are coming! I messed up on the 4-40 nuts, so I'll just have to use the stock steel nuts, maybe..

Team KnK 12.9 high strength Wraith hardware kit
Protek 12.9 high strength screws -
4-40x3/8" flat head
4-40x3/8" button head
6-32x5/8" button head
8-32x3/4" button head
M2.5x8mm titanium cap head (for front/rear differentials)
AE body clips
AE flat aluminum washers
Axial narrow 12mm hubs
X factory mini 4-40 nuts
RPM traxxas rod ends
Traxxas aluminum hollow balls
TQ 5mm bullet gold connectors
TQ 13ga wire - orange/blue/yellow/red/black to replace the 16ga I have.. YAY!