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How did you setup the dual shocks on the TXT-1. Like oil weight, how many hole shock piston did you use. Just looking for a park to start at, when I setup my truck.

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Assembling the 120 separate parts that it takes to build 8 Tamiya C.V.A. Dampers.

Let's see... the Blue Lightweight Chassis TXT is running dual shocks because I had 8 of them left-over from the TXT-2 AGRIOS build and I wanted to try a set-up like Bigfoot #8 & #9 run.

Four of the shocks were assembled with the 2-hole pistons. The other four shocks have the 1-hole pistons installed.
I used the SOFT Tamiya Damper Oil on all eight shocks.

The two hole piston shocks were filled with oil and bled to have a maximum amount of rebound,
while the one hole piston shocks were filled and bled for the minimum amount of rebound possible.

Each corner of the truck has a 1-hole and a 2-hole piston shock installed.

The New Era/ESP/Thunder Tech/Gorilla Maxx TXT has cantilevers F/R and runs Pro-Line Powerstroke shocks for the Tamiya TNX.
The front shocks have 25 weight silicone oil, the left rear has 30 weight, and the right rear has 35 weight.

All 4 shocks have the same pistons. The lighter oil up front is for quicker response over the small bumps.
The rear oils are heavier because the truck wants to squat under acceleration and the right side has the heaviest oil,
to help with the torque-twist of the shaft drivetrain. The springs and the pre-load are another tuning tool as well.

Hope this has been helpful. Thanks for checking out the trucks. - Arco
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Built a Cox Scorpion from spare parts and leftovers. New Pargu frame rails. Painted radio box. Turbo Scorpion roll cage. Harris 1600 Super Body.

Kyosho 2014 Scorpion. Black Tub. Vintage Cox Lexan wing. Mabuchi Motor. Modern Turbo Scorpion front bumper. Vintage Sand Super tires.

The collection now includes twelve Circuit 1000 Buggies.

Hope to add a 2014 Beetle when it is finally becomes available. I think they are on the boat right now. Christmas perhaps??

Got the New Era Juggernaut completed. It sits a lot lower than the ESP Jugg. Looks racier too.

Got an ESP Juggernaut 2 that needs some paint. The weather is awful so it will have to wait for the summertime in 2015.

Have a brand new body and decals for this one too. This truck will be brand-new from A-to-Z.

Nine shaft-driven Monster Trucks. All of them are Tamiya. Four Juggernauts. Three TXTs. Two TLTs. Two Blackfoots.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look around. - Arco
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Been working on about 7 or so projects this year. Finished some and have also made some good progress on the others.

Built a Cox Scorpion from spare parts and leftovers. New Pargu frame rails. Painted radio box. Turbo Scorpion roll cage. Harris 1600 Super Body.

Finished painting and detailing the Cox Scorpion.

Hope to add a 2014 Beetle when it is finally becomes available. I think they are on the boat right now. Christmas perhaps??

Got a bunch of Option parts ready to go for when this kit is released. Starting to think it won't be until 2015 though....

Been working here and there on the Bruiser.

Updated the build thread with all the details.

Have a brand new body and decals for this one too. This truck will be brand-new from A-to-Z.

Finished the paint on the Custom TXT-1.

Installed some new shocks on the Juggernaut 2.

Updated the Juggernaut 2 build with all the details as well.

Thanks for taking a look around. - Arco


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# SCW001 Hard Main Chassis Rail (A7075/ Scorpion)
# SCW002 CarbonFrontShockStay (2pcs/Scorpion)
# SCW004 Carbon Servo Saver Mount (Scorpion)
# SCW005 Carbon Rear Sus Plate (Scorpion)
# SCW006 Carbon Rear Shock Stay (Scorpion)
# SCW008 Carbon Gear Box Mount (Scorpion)
# SCW009 CNC Arm Shaft Block (2pcs/Scorpion)
# SCW010 CNC Front Caster Lock Set (2pcs/Scorpion)
# SCW011GM CNC Motor Plate (Gunmetal/Scorpion 2014)
# SCW012 Universal Swing Shaft (2pcs/Scorpion)
# SCW018 LED Light Bulb Set (2pcs/Scorpion)

# SCH002SC Rear Wheel (SatinChrome/2pcs/Scorpion)
# SCH003SC FrontWheel (SatinChrome/2pcs/BEETLE)

# LA43H Ball End (5.8mm/Hard/12Pcs)
# 37021 Le Mans 490 MOTOR (Brushed/30Turn)

# PG-14 Oil Damper (Progress, Gallop)
# PG-65 Front Oil Damper (Progress, Gallop)

# 12158 Super Diff Kyosho Ultima
**the MIP diff needs the following Kyosho parts**
# TF120 Ball Diff Screw Set
# UM124 Tensioner Spring
# UM509 Diff Gear Set

Hitec -
# HS-5645MG Digital Servo
# HAS-2MB AM Reciever

# 83010 A.I. Runner Reverse ESC



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TXT looks great Jay! I saw your Bug on Scale, I think I commented over there but I'll say the same here. That's a beautiful Bug!!


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@ th67ss & william g
Thanks fellas. Got enough parts left over to build another buggy once all the option parts were installed. :D

Been building a few other vehicles here lately as well.

Tamiya Blackfoot w/ Technigold motor, full ball berings and 1200mah Racing Pack.

Venom Mini Giant w/ full ball bearings, and wheelie bar.

Custom Venom Mini Giant w/ extended wheel base, full ball bearings, 370 motor, custom steering and chrome wheels.

This VMG has locked diffs, custom 4-link, and customized driveshafts. It also has Associated shocks on all 4 corners.

The steering servo is a high torque, metal gear, ball bearing unit from Hi-Tech equipped with a Kimbrough servo saver.

Made some custom traction bars and mounts for the Bruiser. Also have the slipper clutch and some metal transmission gears that need to be installed.

Thanks for taking a look. - Arco


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BLACKFOOT "LandFreeder"

Tamiya Toyota 4x4 Pick Up Bruiser (RN36) 2012
Transmission is now fully bullet-proof.

1983 Toyota "MIRAGE" (RN36) 4x4 Pick Up


Thanks for taking a look. - Arco


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Swapped the fairlead. Changed from the stock roller type to a Heese style.

Shoehorned this beauty into it's new home.

Thanks for taking a look. - Arco


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The new beadlock rigs look really good on the bruiser.. An the GPM gearbox looks good in it's new home!!

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The gearbox looks real good sitting on the bench. It is all but hid now in the truck though...

... and the beadlock rings are still kinda being decided atm. :eek: kinda.



5mm OUTPUT SHAFTS & 5x11mm bearings
... everything else is the same as the TXT-1.

Alloy gearbox. Juggernaut 2 output shaft. TXT-2 gear set. Ceramic 11x5mm & 5x8mm bearings on the top two layshafts.
Rubber sealed stainless steel 11x5 bearings on the final two shafts. Alloy adjustable motor mounts. Hardened steel - 22 tooth pinions.

The weak spot on the Jugg 2 trans is the 5 mmm output shaft. They break where the c-clip attaches and they can strip
the aluminum hub and splines. TXT-1 has a 6mm output shaft, 6mm brass drive hub and special 6x11 bearings. The TXT-2
bearing holder on the "27T Gear (long)" seems to have a tighter fit than the original.


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1999 FORD
F-350 Super Duty

K-10 Custom Deluxe


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New Tires

1957 Chevrolet Task Force Wheely King

RC4WD - 2.2" SCALE
Part Number: Z-T0129

OD: 5.94in / 151mm
Width: 2.21in / 56.3mm
Weight: 5.5oz / 156g

Double width foams.
Mounted on 80mm wide Super Blackfoot wheels.

Mamba Max/CMS7700/ESC Motor Combo 1/10 (CSEMAXCMS7700)

The 7700Kv motor lets it all hang out for 6 cell or 2s lipo bashing and racing. On 6 cell NiMH the 7700Kv motor turns an easy 45mph in standard 10th scale buggies and trucks with standard gearing.
With 2s lipo packs, you can expect 50mph for very large tracks or high speed runs. The 7700Kv motor is roughly equivalent in top speed to a very good 5t to 7t brushed motor on 6 cells.
Due to extreme motor RPMs, the 7700Kv motor is limited to 8 cell NiMH or 2s Lipo MAX.

Get even more out of your CM36 motor with the CC Blower fan shroud!

Thanks for taking a look. - Arco


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@rocpede4x4 & th67ss

Shaved-down a set of WK tires.

Removed the torsion bars and installed coil-over shocks from a 2014 Scorpion on the rear suspension of the SS.

Also custom installed a set of JG alloy nerf bars on the SS.

Every other paddle has been shaved-away on the PADDLETRAK tires on the SS.

Lancia Delta Integrale Rear tires mounted on 1.5 Proline wheels. The fronts are 2009 Buggy Champ 1.75's.
The set is completed with Red anodized RCH wheel halves.

Thanks for taking a look. - Arco​