2017 NRCTPA World Championship Award Sponsors


The price per class is $ 67.00

If you want to sponsor a class, please post on here, e-mail me at chriskofc @ gmail.com (without spaces) or call me at 419-769-2679. Deadline is September 6, 2017

THANKS, for your support!

Carpet Pulling (Need 25 entries to run this section & someone to bring sleds, lead and carpet tracks)

Ask for class to sponsor . . . .

Dirt Pulling
Digger -
Garden Tractor - County Line
2WD Box Stock (Pulling)
2WD Truck
Pro-Stock Tractor - Berry Pulling Team
Heavy Super Stock Tractor - Central KY R/C Pullers
Sportsman - Central KY R/C Pullers
2WD Pro Modified Electric - Central KY R/C Pullers

2WD Open I -
Big Rig (Dirt) - Petty Trucking, LLC
4WD ProMod 10# -
4WD Modified 12# -
4WD Box Stock
Work Stock - STPA
4WD Nitro Trucks (10 lb) - CPT Chassis
Light Super Stock Tractor - Haulman Manufacturing

2WD Pro Modified Nitro (10#) -
2WD Nitro (15#) -
Gas - the southern white gorilla pulling assn
Insane - joeshow

2WD Unlimited -
Mini Rod - the southern white gorilla pulling

Racing - Timed
Short Course
2WD Tuff Truck
4WD Tuff Truck
4WD Independent Suspension
Sport Modified
4WD Modified Monster Truck
4WD Driveshaft

4WD Pro Modified Monster Truck
4WD Box Stock
4WD Super Stock
2.2 Driveshaft

Racing - Elimination
4WD Clod
4WD Shaft Driven
2WD Tuff Truck
2.2 Driveshaft

Modified Big Rig - Central KY R/C Pullers
Adult Freestyle
Youth Freestyle
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Worlds Sponsorship

Central KY R/C Pullers will take

Pro Mod (Electric)
Heavy SS Tractor
Modified Big Rig