2/1/2015 BIGFOOT Super Crush Sunday Trophy Race

Discussion in 'Remote Control Monster Truck Events' started by MrDouglas, Jan 12, 2015.

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    Our big event of the winner draws near! On February 1st (aka Superbowl Sunday aka the day after St. Louis Monster Jam) we are putting on a big ONE SESSION only race at the Bigfoot shop in Hazelwood, MO. We are starting promptly at 11am and will be done by 2:30 to give people time to get home for the Superbowl.

    Race monsters and 1/12 Mini's will race a classic J-course, Retros will run a TNT style drag race. Bigfoot is letting us use their timing equipment. Each class will have one session of qualifying, racing, and freestyle with the top overall truck getting a nice plaque.

    Reg is $5 per truck or $10 for unlimited entries to all classes (max 2 trucks per class).

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