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I know there has been a lot of talk about removing the 4 1/2 dia tire rule in this class, basically removing the use of the Tamiya midnight pumpkin/wild willy tire. A couple clubs I have seen actually adding a class for the small tires. Trying to be on the proactive side, I want to put down a few thoughts as to what we should do. This is the pullers club and as a board we try to allow pullers to set and adjust the rules as trends and part availability changes. It is the board's job to enforce the rules not make them, that is your job and I think I've heard you speaking. Let me start with a what I think you want. Please feel free to yay, nay, add or subtract anything in the following verbiage.

Current rule reads as follows:

Tires: Maximum tire size is 4 1/2 inches. Maximum tire width is 2 3/4 inches. Tires may be cut. Maximum of 4 tires.

Proposed rule to read as follows:

Tires: Maximum tire diameter of 4 inches. Tires can be cut and the tread "clocked". Tires can be sharpened. Cutting tire to reduce the tire diameter will be prohibited. Maximum tire width to be 2 3/4 inches. Maximum of 4 tires.

There you go, have at it.

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I like the rule as is. The pumpkin tire works well without a lot of time spent on them.

I know some say they are to big. They aren't much different than what modified trucks run today. With the correct body they look good in my opinion.

I just can't see why all the changes for classes that have so many trucks in them. This feels like full size pulling now.


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I think it's ok to change the rule. Or make two classes. But how is it possible to do it now in time for the worlds. I made a suggestion on a tire change on the sportsman. To make two classes of those a big tire and a small tire. I was told there were to many classes and would not be feasible. Every one knows there is no way the small tire can compete with the big ones. Just worndering.

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Speaking for tn club

We would like to see the class split tlts/rc4wd and pumpkins pull at same time to avoid double entries and there be a 1,2, 3rd winner for each tires size. Leaving everything chassis related the same in the class.

Would also like to do this with brushless diggers to allow brushed guys to still compete and slowly migrate over as there systems need replacing.

We value all of guys and don't want a rule change to push any out of our growing club.

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Leave the tires / make two classes , must choose what class at each event they want to run. Scale or Pro cannot run same truck in both classes.


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I like the rule how it is also. I mean this respectfully. If tlt and rc4wd tires could compete with the pumpkins we wouldn't have any issues here. Why ban the superior tire. Wouldn't it make sense to ban rc4wd and tlt tires? Why make the class take a step back with tires that can't keep up. We'll run whatever the rules allow that's not a big deal. But banning pumpkins because they are a better tire because certain people won't upgrade their trucks to them is not the answer. Object is to make our trucks pull better not worse.