1/6 Scale Custom Chevy Avalanche


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That truck is awesome! We can all appreciate the detail and time invested into this truck. Right down to the smiley faces :p . Calata, awesome Job!!!!!

mopar marv

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That is one tasty truck!!! I would like to know more about your motor/trans setup though,its looks very interesting.


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i've always liked that truck and used to think Hua at rc4wd owned it till now. it truly is one AWESOME piece and you would never believe that that body is the same New Bright body cause of the way you got it painted. real nice work. nice how you got the motors up front under the hood too as well as the wheels.



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Thanks Breaker. Hua does own it (unless he sold it) but he didn't build it.

Btw, just got my hands on a 1/6 wrangler. Don't think I'll go crazy with it, but the motors under the hood is very tempting, which of course leads to a whole custom chassis, which leads to........... :willy



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It's an Avalanche 1/6 scale body, disassembled, painted, and put back together. Took about 3 months to build the whole truck.