1/14 LOWBOY trailer , mostly scatch


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herea lowboy I just finished

she is 46 inches long. 7 inches wide, made from alum and plastic

the goose is a manual working



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trailer is done, here is on back of a truck .

Mr. SEMIJOE how you are doing ? I am Mervyl Figueroa CAT? 8 years from 2001 to 2008 Retired Engineer in Mechanical and Hydraulic for that machines.

Now I am gonna buy a CAT? 1:48 6015B model excavator..so I need to know if you may make to me a lowboy platform like the orange one with the black tractor trailer you made. But not RC feature just the model to be placed on a entertainment center for displaying only not with RC characteristics. If you can make it I want to be inside way that the excavator on carrying platform looks robust but in accordance with the sizes on a normal life transporting. Here's my email address in order for you to communicate with me or any body that can make that work possible for me because I just don't like so much to purchase the CAT? 784 C Towhaul and I just want to be a normal peterbuilt tractor to pull the lowboy with her on its back. [email protected]

Any one that can do this work so well as the SEMIJOE made can write me including him.

A million of thanks wishing you and your loved great family to live forever. Mervyl Figueroa San Juan PR.