1. Final body with stickers

    Final body with stickers

  2. Body mounts universality

    Body mounts universality

  3. Body mounts

    Body mounts

  4. Bounty Hunter RC

    Bounty Hunter RC

  5. C

    Stretched Clodzilla III

    Build this monster after one of my favorite chassis' ever, just made it a little longer. and a topless shot
  6. C

    10# Scratchbuilt 4WD

    Just a pic of the 10# scratchbuilt 4wd i built. A special thanks to Grady Pulling for his help.
  7. I

    Help!!!!!!!! And fast to please

    Went out with my stampede its the newer version 2wd was ripping on it a bit when i lost my forward and reverse, my pinion gear does not slide, big gear is till tight and when i pick the truck up, the rear tires will spin but whenever its on ground i can hear everything turning truck just wont...
  8. dwblue00

    New to clod scene

    Hello to all the Clod owers. I have been lurking alittle on the clod forum. I decided that in running a MJ truck and a GP in Cleveland for the High Voltage event wasn't enough for me. So heres what I got.....I just received my New Super Clodbuster from UPS today as well as bearings. I also...
  9. nrctpaXpres

    #7 2wd truck class

    they pull it on carpet but back in the day they also pulled this truck on dirt with a 2" hitch....I bring this truck to every NR/CTPA event..(I won it at the Super Pull 3 years ago comes in a case that has another truck in it that I do run a 2wd truck for carpet...anyways if you have one I...
  10. william g

    Pay up boys Review Crew #2 your payments are due

    ok so the last went smooth, want to try it again? 2 Things, who is in, and what should we get next "purchase"?? Joe Rattlehead :D mentioned looking into a 5th scale next round, anyone up for that or pick something else? That said I'd be in and think it should be electric as not...
  11. Supreme Reign

    Which Driveshafts?

    I'm putting my Jugg back together with and I did the TXT 6mm upgrade. I noticed the REVO shafts are far too large for the tranny. What are my options? I know the TXT has a 13" WB, and my Jugg is only 12". Tranny output shaft to axle output shaft distance is 3 3/4" on my truck. Is this too short...
  12. M


    There are both IMEX PULLERS and IMEX BAJAS on EBAY right now!!! Search "CLOD"! I think they are $35.00 a set and $8.99 each set for shipping! Kind of steep but they are hard to come by!
  13. P

    New RCMT Member AND Proud New Gunmetal GP Owner! Upgrades and PICS!!!

    Hi guys new member to RCMT and new owner of a Gunmetal GP for about a month now. Just wanted to share some pics of my 1st wave of upgrades: 1. Traxxas Velineon Extreme Waterproof ESC and Brushless Motor System 2. 8000maH Duratrax LiPo battery 3. CPE GunMetal front and rear driveshafts 4...
  14. M

    groundpounder for sale

    Redcat Ground pounder monster truck,gun metal chassis and links,Brand new cut but not painted Proline Ford F-250 body,new Parma body mounts,wk 120mm shocks,Cpe rear steer lockout setup,Cpe front steering link setup,Mip drive shafts front and rear,Max Amps 6000mah 100c battery,Traxxas jato rod...
  15. T

    Clodbuster stuff for sale!!!

    Original 1987 bow tie issue Clodbuster body. In nice shape, a few scrapes but repairable if desired. There are a few small cracks in spots but again very repairable if you want. It is complete minus the front lower valance. Also has bow tie tailgate. 60 bucks or best offer. SOLD ESP...
  16. Blues Racing

    Revised T-Shirt Design!!!!

    Here is our final T-Shirt Design. Can't wait to get them in!!
  17. TNT_Pulling

    2012 NR/CTPA World's Raffle Truck

    Here is the 2012 NR/CTPA World's Raffle Truck. It was built by Jason Riddle of Termyte Pulling Chassis. It is a 2WD Pro-Mod Electric. Currently it is just a roller (value $450), but hope to have it be a ready to pull truck by the World's event.
  18. Blues Racing

    T-Shirt design!!!!

    Here is what the shirts will look like. They will actually have neon green letters, not this ugly green. The monster on the front of the shirt will have smaller, different eyes. I thought the guy that did the art work made it look more like an owl, than a monster. Anyway, the eyes of the...
  19. Budhatrain

    What do you look like when you drive?

    For some reason this reminded me of WillG... don't know why, I have never seen him drive or anything. I just imagine WillG- tongue all sticking out, concentrating, with one shoe... wearing a shirt "Can I get any cuter or what?" JK this my boy and I love that he is so excited to drive!!!!
  20. Budhatrain

    Superman Diablo

    Here is my third installment of a ZRP Diablo- love this chassis! ZRP Diablo Racing Chassis with Axle Braces TTR CVD's front and back 60amp Ezrun Esc with 6000kv motors savox 1258Tg servo Imex Pullers sitting on TXT wheels Spektrum Radio gear