1. dwblue00

    Additional Clod questions for retro class

    Okay I have a few more questions....oh no!!...yeah yeah yeah, anyways.........I'm going to run my Clodbuster in the Retro class at hi-voltage. The rules state a 1s lipo or 4cell nimh/nicd. My ? is at such a low voltage, i'm finding speed controls that operate for that low a voltage hard to...
  2. I

    Help!!!!!!!! And fast to please

    Went out with my stampede its the newer version 2wd was ripping on it a bit when i lost my forward and reverse, my pinion gear does not slide, big gear is till tight and when i pick the truck up, the rear tires will spin but whenever its on ground i can hear everything turning truck just wont...
  3. william g

    Pay up boys Review Crew #2 your payments are due

    ok so the last went smooth, want to try it again? 2 Things, who is in, and what should we get next "purchase"?? Joe Rattlehead :D mentioned looking into a 5th scale next round, anyone up for that or pick something else? That said I'd be in and think it should be electric as not...
  4. M

    So confused. I've been researching this for days. Can you help?

    I haven't had a clod in about 15 years. Could someone tell me how to mount these wheels On to a stock clod axle? On the back of the wheel there appear to just be some hole s in a star pattern. Is there a hub I need to make this work? Thanks guys. I did really look for days on this lol Thanks
  5. MiRatlhed

    Pro Line Giant Trac tires
  6. kjr2

    Ford 6.0 really that bad?

    I've saved up a down payment for a truck and was looking at this 2006 f250 crew cab. I went online to look up the specs and right away all I read is how it sucks. Blown head gaskets, turbo problems, inadequate oil cooler, etc. This is a super clean truck 80,000 miles lariat version, 4wd, lift...
  7. william g

    knock off slash 4x4 copy on ebay knock off no electrics
  8. T

    NLRC Coming to Mushroom Bowl Speedway! Presented by CowRC!

    The next race in the Cow sponsored No Limit R/C of Pennsylvania is coming to the Mushroom Bowl Speedway on the 16th of September! More info found in the link below!
  9. HawnMT

    TXT-1 Clone Review

    It's here, 16 days after making payment it has arrived, I think the labor day weekend messed it up from being shorter. It came requiring a signature so anyone ordering one in the future should be aware of that. Here's some quick pics and a short vid: Box it came in, just about the size of the...
  10. ScaleManiac

    Been a while, need some help with motor brushes

    Hey guys, been a while since I have posted. I hope all is well with everyone. 2 of my buddies have picked up box stock clods in the past 2 weeks and I decided it was time to get mine off the shelf and make sure its useable. The last time it saw any use I believe it was the 08 worlds finals. I...
  11. 7

    WTB ~ clod body

    Paypal ready, what do ya got?
  12. northerngames

    what are the suggested castle esc settings for monsters like throttle brake etc?

    what are the suggested castle esc settings for monsters like throttle brake etc? I ask becuase the WK acts like it wants to chug almost like a floaded carb on a gas motor but soon as it is on the move it goes like a champ. almost like there is not enough voltage for it to operate right...
  13. T

    2012 RCMTC World Finals - Presented by CowRC!

    We are proud to announce that CowRC will be sponsoring the 2012 R/C Monster Truck Challenge World Finals!! The R/C Monster Truck Challenge of New York racing series will put on it?s biggest and baddest event of the year on Sunday September 16th at Barnstormers R/C Raceway in Chester NY...
  14. northerngames

    are these a knuckles bearing sleeve or king pin sleeve or?

    are these a knuckles bearing sleeve or king pin sleeve or? I dont recall the brass looking sleeve's being installed on my clod in the...
  15. MiRatlhed

    Aluminum Dual Clod rims w/ Tires

    Very cool set of rims and tires here.
  16. rocpede4x4

    My 1st TXT-1

    I just got this brand new txt-1 yesterday. This build will be slow, as im still collecting parts for it an upgrading some stuff to it. And I read the steering and FAQ thread to to get some idea of the weak spots are in the truck. The left over parts that don't get used, will be going to my...
  17. SWMS

    Upper link connection, need advice!

    What do you all think about these? I'm considering these but would like some input.
  18. SWMS

    Traxxas rod ends (threads?)

    Does anyone know what size threads these rod ends take? 6-32?
  19. 4

    Txt wheels

    Hey guys there are TXT wheels new in the package on Ebay. Just search TXT. Seller is JR-RC, I have bought many things from him in the past and always got my things in a week or less even though he is in japan. I just bought 8 sets for myself. Jamie