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    please delete!

    Reedy brushless Motors . These motors work great . I have moooved them to ebay thanks
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    Truckster !

    Here are some way way overdue pictures that need posted . Cousin Eddie and Clark Griswold have been busy so here is a update on their rides.... and Ive been busy with the new baby and house remodeling. Enjoy the pictures ! Cousin Eddie getting the RV ready
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    lunch box rims

    Hello Im looking for the right part number for the lunchbox rear rims with the hex , Ive ordered 2 times now from tower and keep getting the older style of rim. thanks
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    Decided to update my trucks , All chassis are ZRP Diablo's running Sidewinder esc in 3 of them with a wide rang of power Reedy 3300kv in the Rammunition , Reedy 3900kv in the Lucas Oil Crusader , Reedy 3900kv in the TMNT and in the Virginia Giant runnig a Novak Super Duty with Orion 11x1 . All...
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    please delete thread I moved it to ebay Thanks

    please delete
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    delete please

    My project has changed so I am going to sell off my custom painted GOLIATH HPI 1979 Ford F-150 Supercab, everything is paint except for the headlights stock decals were used there. The body has never been mounted no holes in it . $125 shipped U.S. 48
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    That there's an RV Clark...

    "That there's an RV Clark. Now you don't go fallin' in love with it, cause we're takin' it with us when we leave next month!" Well this is the start of my Build thread of my National Lampoon's Christmas Vacations Cousin Eddies RV. I am using a old tonka RV that a few other rc builders have...
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    WANTED! Kyosho Heavy Metal Decal Sheet must be complete no tears ,rips or creases

    Like the Title says: WANTED! Kyosho Heavy Metal Decal Sheet must be complete no tears ,rips or creases please contact me at [email protected] Thanks Rich
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    Stock Clod and Retro Big Boss

    Here are a few Pic of My stock Original Clodbuster and Big Boss TXT retro. The stock clod body and rims have been repainted and has repo decals. It is running a 1/4 servo for the steering ,stock motors and a novak rooster esc. The 4x4jamie retro chassis has TXT axels , emaxx...
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    Monster Jam

    The wife had me at Hobby Lobby lastnight doing some holiday shopping came across some Monster Jam christmas ornaments . So if yuo dont have a Hobby Lobby around you , can get them off of ebay
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    just rolled in to CLEVELAND Best Western

    Josh Rhodes and me Rich just arrived after a long day of stopping at the international monster truck museum and Phils Hobby shop in Defiance later tonight thought we would have some clod races up and down the hallway on the 2nd floor of the Best Western stop by room 218 and hang out.
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    JPS chassis sway bar mount and sway bar just need one of each

    like it says JPS chassis sway bar mount and sway bar just need one of each .
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    Wtb original blackfoot grill

    Looking for a " cheap " not scratched up blackfoot grill, dosnt matter if it is painted or chrome, pm or email me [email protected]
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    New Body!!

    This body is sweet sitting on a Awesome ZRP chassis for some poser shots ! Should be getting my all black ZRP Diablo soon for the new body . Rammunition with the camo and orange Nick you did a great job. All I had to do was paint the silver and black on the body. The body is a HPI Dodge Ram...
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    More for sale Motors ,Brushes

    Reedy brushes there are 11 pairs and the Trinity brushes there are 5 complete pairs all for $30 shipped two used E maxx 18t pinions $8 shipped TXT 5mm shafts $12 shipped
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    R/C show on Documentary channel tonight

    There is a r/c show on the Documentary channel tonight , On direct tv its on channel 267
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    Not mine, but it is a nice Heavy Metal on ebay

    Check out this heavy metal on ebay
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    Monster Mutt Rottweiler pic UPDATE!

    Hello, I painted this up for a buddy of mine still have to put the tongue, tail and ears on it everything is paint No decals here. Hopefully when he gets his body at the next race we can get some pic of it on the chassis. Enjoy! it started out sketching it out with a sharpie then...
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    Heavy Metal

    Well ive been searching for awhile for a heavy metal thinking about getting one but ended up with two of them One of them is New in the Box and the other is New assembled but never finished . Guess im going to have to get a TBG reproduction Body for the roller. New In the Box and a New...
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    Tmnt body !!!!