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  1. Manfjourde

    Retro Jamie chassis build

    I’ve been out for a while but I just bought this truck back. I need to do a little work to get it going - anyone with these trucks have a suggestion on a Servo saver?
  2. Manfjourde

    All New 1/14 Dakar Rally Scale RTR Race Truck is Here!!

    Will these axles be available for separate purchase?
  3. Manfjourde

    Anyone know of a RC front wheel that has bearings and a centered hub like a dirt bike

    Some guy on a FB group has a trike. He may have info. I know that’s super vague and almost unhelpful.
  4. Manfjourde

    Tower Hobbies Inventory OR Going Out Of Business????

    I’ve been watching a few items since about early December. They first shows avail even early January, then late January, now early February. I’m guessing anything they don’t have in stock keeps getting pushed back. Didn’t make sense to get more inventory if they don’t technically have he funds...
  5. Manfjourde

    Tower Hobbies Inventory OR Going Out Of Business????

    I’ve been waiting on some RC4WD stuff too and it’s date keeps getting pushed back. Interesting.
  6. Manfjourde

    New TXT-2 at the nurburgring toy fair

    Can we get a mod to remove the links? Thanks.
  7. Manfjourde

    Try New RCs

    Hey good to see a post from you and good for trying some new RC. I had a couple Losi trucks and I always thought they were decent. Any MT stuff you’re doing?
  8. Manfjourde

    1/24 Dodge Rammunition

    What’s your shop? I’ll go save it to my favorites.
  9. Manfjourde

    1/24 Dodge Rammunition

    So awesome! Any chance you can print and sell some of this stuff for others to build?
  10. Manfjourde

    The trail from ****!

    Looks fun. Next time shoot some shot from down low, closer to the ground to add in the mix.
  11. Manfjourde

    Should I buy one?

    Diffs are not locked. It does wheelies because it doesn't have a slipper clutch. They can be beefed using hardened ring and pinion gears in the axles and the RC4WD steel tranny gears. I believe there is a sticky listing the necessary gears.
  12. Manfjourde

    Mad Dog II

    Can those housings be printed by shapeways or someone? They look awesome.
  13. Manfjourde

    New computer build!

    Dang you gotta watch for deals. I swear most games on steam or other digital PC game sites are usually cheaper than the other platforms. Do your research on SSDs. I was weary too but after having one I don't think I can go back. I just got a 128 (64 would work) and put the OS on it and have...
  14. Manfjourde

    New computer build!

    Ah new computer builds are awesome. I love the smell of new hardware! I didn't see a SSD in your parts. I suggest you grab one if anything just for the OS. It is amazing how much faster they are than standard rotary drives. Either way enjoy the new build. What games are you gonna play? If you...
  15. Manfjourde

    Where did everyone around here go?

    I've been restoring a 1959 Bolens tractor. It's been a lot of fun and I've learned a lot but honestly I like RC for the space and price too lol. My son is now 1 and loves anything that goes so I need to get back into it with a WK or something slow and fun for us.
  16. Manfjourde

    Coming Soon From RC4WD!!

    I'm trying to peep through the holes but keep getting poked in the eye
  17. Manfjourde

    Boyer Grave Digger XX

    By all means! So true! I need to get a WK or something to run hard lol Yes, I have the usual axial stuff. I do need to unlock the axles but I was looking in a bag I have of parts for this build and was surprised to have pretty much everything I need to get it to a roller! Now to get some...
  18. Manfjourde

    Boyer Grave Digger XX

    Hey thanks guys, I do plan on running it but not too hard. I gotta setup some MJ stuff and shoot some cool videos or something!
  19. Manfjourde

    Anyone have a project? Lets get some posting going on before RCMT goes silent forever

    I just got my Boyer chassis, it's pretty neat.
  20. Manfjourde

    Boyer Digger Chassis

    Hey, what's new with this build?!