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    shocks for predator

    hi' does any one known some good shocks for the cpe predator
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    motors and esc

    i know hobbywing we have them in me and my dads on road cars we have 5 hobbywing esc
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    motors and esc

    has any one tried hobby king brushless esc
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    Radio issue

    i think you have to program the esc for reverse
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    Radio issue

    don't worry its happened to me before so i now know to check this 'james
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    strong upper links

    i think its my shocks there bottoming and the chassis is left hanging
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    Tube Truck Picture Gallery

    100% custom built monster truck 'james'
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    Build your ultimate race/freestyle monster truck

    my custom built monster truck i really wanted a clod buster so i built my own version of a monster truck while i waited for x-mas 'james
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    It's here- Predator ***should I say Nightwing

    Was i correct with the blue beetle
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    strong upper links

    yes just the stud portion
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    strong upper links

    the end studs would bend and eventually snap off it happened to the bottom ones so i got the heavy duty ones from cpe that heaps of people had and know its happening to the top ones
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    Radio issue

    did you bind the receiver to the radio and are the servo and esc plugged into the receiver the right way
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    New High Tech Hot Wheels Car

    thats cool its like you see all the crashes the car makes thats coll i know im a bit old for them but i might buy one actuly'james
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    Picture Gallery

    my cpe predator clod :rock 'james
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    strong upper links

    i kept breaking the cpe ones that come with the predator chassis i think its because the dont have studs
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    random racing stuff

    i have stopped sorry about the thread :bang
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    strong upper links

    hi, does any one know where to get some very strong alloy upper links with 12 wheelbase 'james
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    Starting a boyer monster truck build UPDATED Final pics

    wow that sooooo cool and amazing on all the detail work great job :tmb :shk:tmb :drool
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    random racing stuff

    i thought i was in the chat room and you are meant to make posts to talk to other people im kinda new and i thought while wait ing the 60 days you talk to people about stuf you have in common ,setup problems ,or just fun things to do