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    SCALE Nitro Monster Truck!!!

    Hey guys!!! I may have talked about it somewhere (i guess) but never took the time to post any pics of the SCALE Nitro project!!! Starting from an HPI Nitro Monster King, i'll add some TXT-1 wheels, RC4WD driveshafts that i've polished and some other mods along the road..... I'm putting it back...
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    Looking for JOHN BOYER....

    Hey guys!!! Could anyone get me in touch with John Boyer??? I know he's a member on this forum but i don't know know what's his nickname.. I want to ask him if he could build me a roll cage for my '84 Chevy monster truck... I want an exact replica of this: BIG thanks!!!
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    My all new creation!! The '80s are BACK!!!

    YEAH MY FRIENDS!!! I've wanted a scale classic monster truck for a long time and after taking a good look at the NTPRA's pics gallery and what i had in hand, i started to build something out of my layin' around stuff and off course, my imagination combined to my knowledge of monster trucks...
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    HPI Nitro Monster King

    Hey guys!!! I've just took back out my HPI Nitro Monster King after having spent a while parked on the shelf ('cause of a stripped spur gear) and while i was replacing my gear, i was wondering....Is there any ALUMINUM gear sets available for this truck, tranny AND spur gear???? To me, the...
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    My BIGFOOT TXT-1...well not for long LOL!

    Hey guys!!! Here's my Tamiya TXT-1 with his custom BIGFOOT paint scheme, wich i've done in...ONE EVENING lol!! Yes sir, from scratch sanding to clear coats!!! I wanted to make the original body more ''desirable'' in order to make the waiting easier until i'll get my hands on a RADIO SHACK...
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    Roll cage

    Hey guys!!! Anyone knows where i can find this roll cage ??? DEFINATELY the missing piece for a perfect chassis!!