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  1. Dirtychevy45

    Traction Goop demo vid

    got any left??
  2. Dirtychevy45

    HELP! Axle questions/ Diff questions

    what are you guys running for gears in your diffs? i got some rc4wd spider gears and there diff case and they dont seem to be jiving in my ssd axle? i also have a axial ring and pinion gear set.... not sure what i'm failing to understand here.....any help would be greatly appreciated Mike
  3. Dirtychevy45

    Dirtychevys Project

    here we go....
  4. Dirtychevy45

    Jconcepts Tribute wheels and tire comparison

    awesome write up buddy, i need to get with you and find out when some races are going on to come check them out. i'm looking into getting some jconcepts renegades or firestorms.....or both for my tuber. what compound is good and has a better sidewall? Mike
  5. Dirtychevy45

    Looking to buy any kind of tube chassis (must fit TXT gearbox)

    I used an old email when I spoke to him last I printed out everything i'm trying to find it. didn't forget about you buddy
  6. Dirtychevy45

    Dirtychevys Project

    looking forward to getting this going again!
  7. Dirtychevy45

    Dirtychevys Project

    ill work on getting these pics on photobucket so i can show you guys
  8. Dirtychevy45

    Dirtychevys Project

    well i got some pics of my chassis this morning. and it's boxed up ready to come home..... it is a work or art and i can't wait to get another! and i havent even got this one home yet... so exciting!!
  9. Dirtychevy45

    Just bought my first Clod......and then I bought my second....

    my first clod was a zilla 2....still love them and wish i woudln't have sold it.
  10. Dirtychevy45

    What motor/esc combo are you running?!

    castle just has that sale going on right now and if i was to get one for this tuber i just don't know which one would be good enough. i don't want to have to worry about heat and external becs.... i was looking at the trackstar stuff and it seems to be good stuff just the internal becs arent...
  11. Dirtychevy45

    Dirtychevys Project

    just got some new TAHrs in the mail today.... next i'm thinking some rims from a member on here and the possibly look into electronics! as soon as i get a photobucket account ill post up some pics.
  12. Dirtychevy45

    Spiff's TXT project!

    thats ****....great find and good looking truck!
  13. Dirtychevy45

    Boyer Digger Chassis

    Thanks buddy!!
  14. Dirtychevy45

    Review Crew that time again? Tamiya Dump truck? Want to join? We need a builder!!

    money being sent via paypal? can probably shoot some friday?
  15. Dirtychevy45

    Boyer Digger Chassis

    where can you pick up those muscle machines at?
  16. Dirtychevy45

    Boyer Digger Chassis

    i need one of them motors....