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    Can't decide on a body

    So I'm finally really close to finishing a Clod that I started way longer ago than I care to admit. But after I saw the new Crawford Timewarp chassis, I knew it was time. New Super Clod Bearings Hitec servos RCFWD diff locks CPE axle stiffeners CPE steering CPE Timewarp chassis CPE 4 links...
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    Scale shocks on a leaf spring truck

    Why are the scale shocks on a leaf spring truck not actually shocks? If you're running leafs, you don't need the shocks to have springs. You need them to be oil dampers. On a 4 link truck, I get it. But the whole point of leafs is that they're the springs.
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    Trail Stomper

    So there's a listing on ebay for trail stomper near rolling chassis. Everything but wheels/tires, body, and electrical for $169. Is this a reasonable way to start on a scaler? I want other stuff like a 2-speed, and I'm curious about those plastic axles. Orv should I just pull the trigger on...
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    Shock shaft pliers

    I'm getting tired of using cardboard on my needlenose parts pliers to assemble shocks. So I'm looking at some shock shaft pliers. What brands do you folks use? I'm not afraid to spend real money, but I just can't see spending $30 on a tool I'll never really use that much.
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    Finally, some Imex Jumbo Dawgs

    I've wanted a set of these forever. Finally won an auction on eBay for this set. But what's up with how the tread meets in the middle?
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    Emory's SWB Predator

    So I finally started a proper build on one of my eBay score Clods. Predator SWB chassis G Made 103mm piggybacks Tekin brushless (3100kv) systems SMC 2S 50C 5000MAH batteries CPE 3D printed beadlocks RC4WD Mud Slingers RC4WD diff locks Various CPE axle upgrades Parma 57 Chevy pickup body
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    New to Lipo, shopping for a charger

    So I finally joined the modern world and ordered some Lipo batteries for my Clod project. But I'm really lost as to what charger to get. I've never been a racer, never liked the idea of a charger that needed a power supply. But my good buddy insists that I really need a dc only unit and separate...
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    slop/play in steering hubs

    Testing the fit of my Imex Jumbo Max tires on my truck, the slop at the steering hub (the drive axle itself wiggles on the hub) makes me nervous. All my Clods are eBay scores, and all seem a bit sloppy. Using stock tires and wheels, it's not that noticeable. When I toss on the Imex setup with...
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    What rims for mud Slingers?

    Ok, so it appears that my CPE beadlocks and RCŔWD Mud Slingers are incompatible. Eh, no biggie. But... What rims can I run the Mud Slingers on? I don't wanna have to drop $200 for the RC4WD beadlocks if I don't have to, and I've seen a couple trucks with them mounted on chrome stockers. Any...
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    any Roadkill fans out there?

    So an idea just popped in my head. Unless you're familiar, Roadkill is a YouTube series done by Hot Rod magazine. One of the projects is the Muscle Truck. It's an 80s 2wd Chevy stepside with lots of power. In one episode, they rip the rear fenders off and cut the front to run Boggers, then take...
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    Brushless: any love for Novak or Tekin?

    I have seen mostly talk of Castle and the Hobby King systems. I'm all for saving money, but I really wanna buy American made stuff when I can. I know that pretty much leaves Novak and Tekin. I emailed both companies for info on a Clod build, only heard back from Tekin. What input can I get...
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    CPE beadlocks

    Got my order in today. Woop woop. Sitting at work trying to get my RC4WD Mud Slingers onto my rims. This is my first foray into beadlocks and also RC4WD tires. Is there a trick to this? Lube? Temperature? Motor skills?
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    rj speed legend on 1s Lipo and 21.5t

    My LHS has started up an indoor carpeted road course, and are running legends cars on the oval. I talked to a guy there about his car, and he told me about their "class." It's much more of a do what you want kind of thing, which really makes me happy. Anyway, onto my question I have never run...
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    gmade internal spring shocks

    Does anyone have experience with these in a runner? My "new" clod project is underway, and I'm trying to decide on shocks. I'm de-modding one of my eBay scores into a stock chassis semi scale old school ride. I'm looking at the gmade shocks cause I'm anxious to run 2 shocks per wheel without it...
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    finally back to the lunchbox

    After over 3 years, I'm finally back to getting my lunchbox running. CRP front end, oil shocks, third shock, centered settings servo,strut brace, rear chassis braces, hpi 2.2s and imex g-hawgs, and a parma lexan shell. I never could manage to get pics posted here, but I will as soon as I can
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    running in sand, bearings or bushings?

    somewhere i read that you're better off running bronze bushings when playing in sand instead of bearings. anyone here know of any validity to that advice? i'm still trying to get a plan together for some monster trucks for me and my girlfriend's kids to play with, and i'm pretty sure most of...
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    multi clod project

    went out with the new girlfriend and her kids this past weekend. came home to my latest ebay clod sitting on the porch. both the son and daughter did the "ooohh" and "ahhhh," followed by " i wanna drive it!" i said i'd build one they could play with, but the gf corrected me. "he will build TWO...
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    removing tires

    my latest ebay score came with giant tracs glued to stock wheels with some very badly done cpe wideners. the tires aren't perfect, but i'd like to save them. in the past, my idea was to save the wheels, not the tires... so i'd just chop the tire to the bead and soak in acetone. works fine. but...
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    where's my stuff?

    ok, so i ordered some goodies for the lunchbox from tower on monday. $300 so i could get the $60 off. radio, servo, brushless setup, bearings, lexan body... checking the tracking number, i see i'm gonna get my goodies on friday. i get home friday a little after 6pm, and no package. so i check...
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    brushless lunchbox

    ok, my kitchen table is covered in lunchbox shrapnel. i have everything figured out, at least in my head, except one thing: shocks. i know i'll end up with a few different spring/oil setups before i get the truck to "handle" correctly. i'm looking at associated very seriously. the problem is...