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  1. HDMM

    Marui Big Bear

    Not much activity on the "vintage other" section so I figured I'd post a pic of the the Marui Big Bear I picked up recently. I had one when I was a kid and I remember it not really being the best RC, but I still have been wanting to get one for my collection. All in all, this one is in pretty...
  2. HDMM

    Breathing New Life Into a Old Clodbuster

    I picked up this old Clodbuster a few weeks ago online, it's a original model with Bowtie grille and "Chevrolet" embossed tailgate. It did come RTR with a old Futaba Conquest 4-channel AM radio and setup with dual steering servos setup in the stock location to allow for independent control of...
  3. HDMM

    Axial MT Coming Soon.....

    Looks like Axial might finally be releasing a solid axle MT :cool I'm guessing that it will be based off the AX10 Deadbolt in some way. Some parts have been added to Tower's website, then some have
  4. HDMM

    Vaterra Ascender K5 Blazer Build

    Figured I'd share a few pics of my most recent build, the Vaterra Ascender K5 Blazer. I've had this Ascender since like January....LOL....but with moving and whatnot, I didn't started building it until recently. Nothing crazy here, just basic build with some basic mods, I'm sure more will...
  5. HDMM

    Scored a SWEET Clod today!

    Hey guys been quite a while since I've been on here, I've since moved back to Florida! I scored this sweet Clod today, near mint condition, 100% complete, all original, bowtie grille, Futaba stick radio and even a old NiCad pack. Looks like it might never have been run. :cool Think i got...
  6. HDMM

    New to me TXT-1

    Well....I finally got a TXT-1 in trade. I've been wanting one of these for awhile. This one is setup with Titan 550 motors and a Novak Roster ESC. It also has some aftermarket, blue aluminum piggyback shocks and the 4ws is all setup. First thing I'll probably do is lower the body a little bit, I...
  7. HDMM

    SCX10 6x6 Military Heavy Recovery Truck Build

    Starting yet another project! :cool This one is going to be a military themed heavy recovery truck, it will be loosely based on the USMC 7-ton truck. I'm starting out with my old SCX10 Trail Honcho (what's left of it) I will be using Maxxis Trepador tires because I think...
  8. HDMM

    Moving to Colorado (finally made it)

    Well everyone, I won't be online for a little bit, going to be moving from Florida to Colorado this weekend. I was offered a job out there through a friend of mine so it should all work out great and I'm stoked! :D See you all back on here as soon as I get all set up in CO. :cool...
  9. HDMM

    Got a surprise in the mail today!!!

    OK, so I got my new issue of RC Driver today and while browsing through it I came along the RCD showoffs section and holy smokes! There's my TXT-2, it made RCD show off of the month! WHOO HOOO! :D
  10. HDMM

    And yet another project! Tamiya Blackfoot

    This is one of my other projects, all original Tamiya Blackfoot, body in excellent condition, tires hard as a rock! LoL
  11. HDMM

    Tamiya Monster Beetle Circa 1986

    My new addition to my vintage Tamiya collection....a old school Monster Beetle. It's about 90% there, just needs a few little things (and a driver). Stoked about having this as I've never had a MB before. :D
  12. HDMM

    Next Project ..... TXT-2 Agrios

    My delivery from Stormer finally came today! :D WoW!!! Tamiya really doesn't bother to pack their kits very well anymore do they??? What a mess when I opened the box. :p
  13. HDMM

    Aluminum Clodbuster Wheel Adaptors

    Is anyone offering aluminum TXT to Clodbuster wheel adaptors? I see the CPE plastic ones, but I was hoping for aluminum ones for strength and durability over plastic. With the release of the Agrios and the fact that it is lackign in the wheel / tire dept, I thik there may be a market for these...
  14. HDMM

    Anyone in Florida? RCMT Racing?

    Hey everyone, I'm in Central Florida area (Palm Coast), I know there are a few members on here from FL as well. I can't seem to find much if any info on No Limit RC of Florida, their website is gone, they have a FB group which I asked to join and nobody ever accepted my request. Anybody have...
  15. HDMM

    My SCX10 Trail Honcho "Nuttin Fancy"

    Figured I'd post a couple pics of my SCX10 Honcho, it's been a reliable, fun rig. "Nuttin Fancy" I'm running all stock electronics still (going on 2 years), I'm geared down to a 16t pinion, added Proline wide aluminum hexes (for the front of 2wd Traxxas Slash) all the way around to get a little...
  16. HDMM

    New Super Clodbuster's been about 4 years since I sold off my old, 80's Clod, thanks to lurking on this website I got the itch again and had to order myself a new Super Clobuster kit. :cool Just waiting on it to come from Stormer, not sure what I'm gonna do build wise right now, probably mostly box...
  17. HDMM

    New guy with Emaxx

    Hey everyone, I've been lurking on this site for awhile, just signed up today. This is my brushless Emaxx I built this summer, I started out with intentions of converting a beat up Tmaxx 3.3 to brushless, then I found a Emaxx brushless trans and chassis, so I went with that instead. Since the...