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  1. TXT-2.0

    Where did everyone around here go?

    I've been in this hobby for to long to just give it up....I will build again just for now it's on the back burner with other things. That being said I personally will not be on fb , I don't need the media is nice to catch up with old friends but overall it's toxic .My true...
  2. TXT-2.0

    UPDATE! NEW Tires and wheels Jconcepts!

    Tad will the stock offset clod setup work with this truck without rubbing ? i like the slightly narrowed look being im not racing it
  3. TXT-2.0

    Axial MT Coming Soon.....

    I have a 20t motor lying around and pinions so with a 3s it will move well enough for me ...To my knowledge they do not come with a battery but what high end rc does ? Im happy the truck is out and with the new Jconcept setups it will be a fun truck to mod and play with :)
  4. TXT-2.0

    UPDATE! NEW Tires and wheels Jconcepts!

    lol ! yeah i'm done sanding for a while :emot15: but I love the look of both of these , the prolines look to low profile to me . Not saying there not good tires just not my style :cool
  5. TXT-2.0

    UPDATE! NEW Tires and wheels Jconcepts!

    Thanks Tad ! They look awesome ! Wait to grab a set
  6. TXT-2.0

    Bigfoot #4 decals

    I couldnt find a drawing either but maybe free hand it from the pic ? Bgfot4203h by TXT-2.0, on Flickr
  7. TXT-2.0

    UPDATE! NEW Tires and wheels Jconcepts!

    I love them ! :emot180: will definitely grab a set vs the pro line
  8. TXT-2.0

    Axial MT Coming Soon.....

    I actually like the look of stock clod tires (a bit more sidewall) I know i'll be the minority lol..
  9. TXT-2.0

    OT: XBox Live

    Anyone play Black ops 3 on Xbox one ? I play almost nightly late around 10-11 pm if anyone wants to play my gamer tag is LSX74
  10. TXT-2.0

    What happened to all the old timers?!

    I'm still here , I did stop building for a while... funds kinda dried up on the hobby end . but I just WON'T do FB or twitter the hate out there is overwhelming ! I tinker here and there but sports take most of the time now a days
  11. TXT-2.0

    Axial MT Coming Soon.....

    axial video in there :D answers clod tires and a lot of questions about the setup
  12. TXT-2.0

    Axial MT Coming Soon.....

    at this point of my life this is a perfect fit , I can run this with my sons son uva digger pede and not worry about beating on it . with some shock re adjustment it will be a great fit for most . the biggest prop is that they even made something like this ! all these years they finally did it...
  13. TXT-2.0

    Axial MT Coming Soon.....

    I took some time off , life is beyond busy on my end but I did order one of these ....time to dust off the tools ;)
  14. TXT-2.0

    Boyer Digger Chassis

    looks great James ! yeah the amount of detail you can do to this just awesome :cool
  15. TXT-2.0

    July ride of the month

    Its time to vote for your favorite Ride of the month ! each month is harder and harder to pick a winner ....this month is no different lol...good luck guys !
  16. TXT-2.0

    VOTE for ride of the month !

    its that time again :) upload pics here and ill get the contest setup :) remember first 5 or till the 21st
  17. TXT-2.0

    getting out for a while

    thanks guys I do appreciate it .... yeah nothing is sold that is not a quick build :) my tuber and main hardware and such is staying :) like said i'll be around just not as involved , besides the friendships i've made do mean a lot to me and will always be there :D
  18. TXT-2.0

    getting out for a while

    Ha ! phone calls will still be there Bill and I will be here but more lurking and a post here and there ;) but builds are on hold for a while and time to get on and help guys is limited :(
  19. TXT-2.0

    SCX10 RETRO build F/S

    SOLD pending payment ....