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    820 Sized Motor Jugg

    I posted this on clodtalk a while back but wanted to share it here. 820 sized Dewalt motor, which is unbelievably powerful, fed buy a Novak super duty and 6s LiFe. I've measured over 1800 watts from this motor! CF side plates, servo mount and links. Old E-maxx tranny with steel idlers and 2...
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    My 775 Titan Wheely King

    Had this done for a while, thought I'd finallly show it off. I still use a123 batts so I use 5s with EVX. CF links, Al tranny gears, Duratrax Evader slipper(direct fit), cvd's. I couldn't be happier with it. Very peppy truck, I have a lot of fun bashing it.
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    My latest project. Tamiya 4wd SCT

    Hi everyboby. Great site. I love looking at all the nice trucks here. Here is my latest project. It uses my old Twin Detonator axles. Changed the stock tamiya arms with Rustler front arms I had lying around. They are about an inch longer. I had a pair of dogbones, I think OFNA, that...