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  1. TXT-2.0

    July ride of the month

    Its time to vote for your favorite Ride of the month ! each month is harder and harder to pick a winner ....this month is no different lol...good luck guys !
  2. TXT-2.0

    VOTE for ride of the month !

    its that time again :) upload pics here and ill get the contest setup :) remember first 5 or till the 21st
  3. TXT-2.0

    getting out for a while

    Times have gotten so busy with work and home r/c has been shelved financially and timewise for things around the home front . I have made many great friends on here and will stay in touch with them :) this is a great group of guys here and the knowledge is unsurpassed ! I will pop in time to...
  4. TXT-2.0

    SCX10 RETRO build F/S

    time has come to let this one is ready to run just add battery , I ran it once for a 1/4 of a pack to test out the setup . not crazy speed but scoots :) build though to be a retro type runner $350 plus $15 shipping to the lower 48 U.S states only . I can include the body but it is...
  5. TXT-2.0

    June Ride of the month contest winner !

    Thank you all who entered into the ROM contest ! Congrats to Tad's custom Monster Energy Clod :cool i'll have more info on the build soon
  6. TXT-2.0

    upload to ride of the month !

    sorry for the delay :emot100: time to upload your rides :) first 5 or till the 21st put the pics here and ill get them uploaded to the poll :)
  7. TXT-2.0

    May Ride of the month winner

    Thanks for all the entries that have entered ...all are great builds :D Congrats to Tad and his custom RC4WD axle monster ! ill have more pics soon of his build ...sorry for the delay on the contest I've been out of town for work :emot100:
  8. TXT-2.0

    VOTE for May rom !

    about that time ! get ready ....3 days till upload for rom :)
  9. TXT-2.0

    April Ride of the Month winner

    Congrats to paul4x4 for the win this month :D when I get back in town I'll get some more info on the build (Paul if you could add some pics :) ) Here is his thread
  10. TXT-2.0

    Vote for Ride of the month

    its almost time ...get ready to upload your rides !
  11. TXT-2.0

    SCX10 Bigfoot retro

    Been a while since I have had the urge to build anything , Life is so crazy right now with work and home things in R/C have been shelved for a while . i've been actually been working on this for a bit here and there , so a very slow build this time around . Im going for a Bigfoot 4 look and...
  12. TXT-2.0

    March Ride of the month winner !

    Thank you to all who entered the ROM and Congrats to jheitt142's Flashback Grave Digger Clod for the March Ride of the month win :D started out with a different theme but I love the final result :) great job on this build ! build thread...
  13. TXT-2.0

    March Ride of the month !

    **Edited by OP, Will's truck wasn't showing up for me**
  14. TXT-2.0

    VOTE for ride of the month

    2 days till ride of the month ....get ready :) Ill have you guys upload your pics here and Ill do a poll like last month :D seems to be a better fit for us Voting is LIVE :D Please remember no comments just vote ...good luck guys ! Vote here...
  15. TXT-2.0

    Feb Ride of the month winner!

    Congrats to 87lc2 for his TXT Bigfoot retro ! I want to thank all who entered it was a tough choice this time around . here is the thread on his truck It has a Hobbywing brushless setup, aluminum tranny, custom BTA...
  16. TXT-2.0

    Feb Ride of the month voting !

    Will G Custom USA-1 kjr2 Madforce 87lc2 Bigfoot TXT rex21 Custom Clod theblazer Custom WK master_shakes tuber clod
  17. TXT-2.0

    Vote for Ride of the month

    3 days till upload to ROM :D