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    USA-1 Nitro counter gear and shaft, dimensions

    Have you tried threading the small gear hub into the large gear and using Red Loctite? Stronger than press fitting the parts. And you could add a pin to lock the parts together too.
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    NEW 1/5 monster truck comming out!

    Just Announced January 2023 1/5 scale Grave Digger from primal RC. Dedicated to Rc Wizzard RIP. Primal RC 1/5 Scale Grave Digger Monster Truck . Get the limited edition before they're all gone.
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    Super Clodbuster now shipping with HW 880 ESC

    I got mine @ Towerhobbies .com saved $65 off !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought the black kit just as they were discontinued. I have been stocking up on Super Rooster ESC,S to replace the stock ESC. I even have the 7:1 gear reduction units ready to install.
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    Pulling sled design and hopefully build up

    RC4WD Intimidator Pulling Sled
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    NEW 1/5 monster truck comming out!

    Primal RC just released another 1/5 mt truck. Old school style truck body and new mud tires. $3400+ sh Primal RC 1/5 Scale Mega Monster Truck
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    Clodbuster power switch

    Need a power/economy power switch.
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    NEW 1/5 monster truck comming out!

    Another new 1/5 monster truck out.NEW 45cc High Performance RTR XLT450 4WD Monster Truck (Blue (
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    Early December New Product Release

    How about the Txt-1 axles???????
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    NEW 1/5 monster truck comming out!

    Lots of videos out on truck. Sadly the truck is slow and no power with stock motor. If you want real power and speed spend another $1200 for theTMR motor with 12 hp! The 4 wheel steering kit is now available for another $460.
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    Just finished my chassis - Candyman build

    Should have used metal ball links.
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    Help: Savage 25

    parts can be found on Ebay.
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    USA-1 Decals. Perfect reproduction design.

    All that time wasted when some one already did it.:p
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    New Kyosho Rampage Tough Truck

    I prefer the older kyosho stuff. I'm waiting for the Usa-1 electric to return!
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    Aluminum Steering Knukles

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    nitro engine overheating and general tuning questions

    A well tuned engine should be below 250 degrees. More oil lube will prevent overheating and make you engine last longer.
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    Tower Hobbies Inventory OR Going Out Of Business????

    Horizon hobby bought hobbico and everything attached. Tower hobbies is increasing prices and cutting saving to members and merging.
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    the rarest truck you've owned...

    Holly grail MRP high roller
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    New Drive Shafts For My Mountaineer

    Get yourself some punisher shafts from rc4wd. They are sliders and stronger than the cheap tamyia brass u-joints.
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    nitro engine overheating and general tuning questions

    The biggest problem you have is different brands of fuels and plugs. Use Fuel with 18% oil lube to cool the engine down. Use a os #8 plug and I suspect you damaged the mix needle by turning in to far. As for trying a new carb The damage was already done from the improper tuning and wrong fuel...