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    Bouncy Update!!

    She looks high but keep in mind the real Bouncy had a more vertical look If you look at the top of the tire and where the straight rail frame is you can see she sat higher compared to what she looks today I'm thinking later on the original owner removed some leaf springs causing Bouncy to...
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    Mad Dog II

    Make sure that blower belt is nice and tight we would not want that to fly off...
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    Bouncy Update!!

    Bouncy has been updated with Jconcepts GoldYear tires
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    Mad Dog II

    Yes it was suggested to me to use the exacto hobby saw. Here's the one I bought
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    Mad Dog II

    Looking good!!! I used a hobby saw to cut the hood on my retro recently and it turned out perfect.
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    Picture Gallery

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    Help: New member saying hi plus a bit of advice please??

    Why don't you buy here? I gotten stuff from RCmodel hk previous years they sell the Super Clod for $150.00 buster
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    Mad Dog II

    I like the engine I've been looking very hard for two good accurate velocity stacks for the retro build that I have been progressing on.
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    Mad Dog II

    Anything new on this project?
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    Mad Dog II

    Here's the one I have for $59.99****Qa Or you can you can get the newer version...
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    Mad Dog II

    I can think of one thing that would go nice with this build and that would be a ESS-ONE engine sound system. I have one in the Big,Bad&Bouncy retro that puts out a wicked engine sound. Just an idea for you!!
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    Mad Dog II

    You 3D print the dummy engine yourself right?
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    Ground pounder axle braces

    You might want to stay away from outlawhobbies website. I waited nearly two months before my braces arrived. All the best in finding someone to make a set for you Mike has other upgrades that you may like.
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    SMT 10 or ground pounder?

    Both require upgrades that's for sure I put allot into my own GP. My personal opinion I would of bought the SMT10 also if only the tube chassis was metal not plastic. I had my share of madness with the Ground Pounder right of the box so I did allot of upgrades to it to make it a better...
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    Clod restoration

    Use oven cleaner it will remove the paint!!! spray it on and let it sit for five to ten minute and then wipe it off and then rinse body under water. You can also use Dot3 brake fluid, Purple power degreaser. You can use oven cleaner or bleach on your chrome bowtie grill if you intend to paint...
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    Ground Pounder: J Concept

    What you can do is grind down the socket like I did here. I grabbed the 8mm glow plug wrench and went at it with the Dremel being careful not to make it too shallow as I did not want to weak the socket. I kept going back to see if it was fitting down the wheel deep enough yet!! and continued...
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    Ground Pounder Picture Gallery

    Update!! Updated with J-concepts tribute wheels and Firestorm tires
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    Bigfoot Decals

    True to that MCI can do a custom order for you
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    Farwell tower hobbies instead of being appreciated they spit in your face!

    I hear you there Northerngames. I did a price check earlier last weekend of how much J-concepts Tribute wheels with shipping added and it came to $76 some dollars if not more to Canada and and I thought you guys at tower can kiss my feet. There for I'm sticking with amainhobbies for their...