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    Identity crisis force

    SO I bought this mad force on another forum then find out it had a build thread on this forum some time ago! Kinda cool full circle like. I am pretty sure the original owner is still around here, maybe he will chime in. This has kind of been the truck I lusted after (not including a clod)...
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    WK resurection

    Ok new rebuild on a better base. I recieved this WK in a trade for my AX10 crawler. Plans are tear the truck down and clean/replace worn stuff, run it mostly stock, then on to clod tires, maxx body, brushless etc. On to the picturmajigs. Nasty dirty chassis with lots of hot glue on parts...
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    AX10 Crawler to MT

    I'm new to the scale MT thing but have been bitten by the bug. I own a Monster Jam Grave Digger and several other non straight axle MTs. Since money is tight and I barely use my AX10 to crawl I want to convert it to a fun basher. I plan on using a VXL system with either the VXL motor or a...