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    Stock Wheely king steering assembly/geometry?

    Glad you got something out of those pics. If you look at the side chassis shot the all thread comes from The servo arm and connects to a pivot arm Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Stock Wheely king steering assembly/geometry?

    I beefed up where the pivot is with JB Weld. Most of the other stuff is beefed up as well, but the geometry is stock.
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    Stock Wheely king steering assembly/geometry?

    I took pictures last weekend but she who must not be named wiped the memory card. I'll get pics up on sunday. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Stock Wheely king steering assembly/geometry?

    The wk steering is pretty awful IMO. Too much play. I have beefed mine up. Ill try to post pics Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Old School Racing Revo

    Sweet truck. You have put together a very nice racer. A video would be awesome Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Info: Thunder Tiger Sledgehammer S50

    Nice choice. That truck is what most of us in the states know as the AE MGT. 8.0. So yes it is tough and powerful and a gas hog. And there are many hop ups still out there. Congrats!
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    So I Inherited a Revo 3.3..

    Sounds like you scored big time! Personally I like to fiddle with nitro from time to time. I would use it as a special day truck and find some park, etc to let er rip. If you like the way it handles etc maybe do an electric conversion.
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    XL5 + 3s = massive smile

    I think I'll try mine on 3s. I've wondered if it would do it, just never been brave enough. My crawler will like it I think.
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    Custom Grave Digger Wheely King

    To be honest I don't think the wheely king is as fragile as others make it out to be. I've got one with the crawler conversion, both axles locked and the Arama15t motor in it. I just upped the pinion to 23t from 21 for more wheel speed in the snow. I has had the stock tires which are pretty...
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    Whats up at Freestyle RC

    Is there any type of slipper setup in the trans? It looks awesome!!
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    Enter, Brushless MGT

    that's shaping up to be a tough truck!
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    Death of a Wraith, birth of a Barbarian!

    I really like it!!! Only thing that is not 100% are those bent links. But great job !!!
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    Identity crisis force

    I've been having a ball with this truck! Upgraded to a MMM and some new batts. Busted the wheelie bar off attempting backflips. Had fun at RCfest with pulling and freestyle. I really really love this truck! I beat the EMAXX sooo much dust short side breakage...
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    Identity crisis force

    New Shocks!!! Such a big difference! I also had to buy the stock towers being that the Kruiser shocks are much longer and wider than the old ones. a little drill here, a little bolt here and wala And a new body!!!! I like it. Not my best paint job, but I dig it.
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    I know its not an MT......

    Awesome!! I love the staggered right rear!! Something I thought was missing on all the custom works etc cars. Keep up the good work, lets see some pics of the rear axle.
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    Identity crisis force

    Thanks Kujo! I received my trans out drive cup and had to cut it down also. It was nearly 3/4" I also beveled the edges so it doesn't bind or pop out. After a test run with several good jumps it deemed the mod a success! So onto the next issue. The LF shock kept popping off the...
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    Identity crisis force

    Ordered a new diff cup to replaced the hacked one. Also new tires on the way. I may wear out the Losi tires first. Is it normal for the chain and CVDs to get hot? Drivetrain doesn't seem to be binding. temp gun says its about 115 degrees. Installed new 16 tooth pinion bringing ratio...
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    Identity crisis force

    HA, I couldn't tell how the tires are supposed to go. lol They sound awesome running on the road, just like a big mud truck! I suppose I should order a new rear drive cup. I can't explain how excited I am about this truck. Wheelies, jumps and runs over EVERYTHING!!! I can even do some mild...
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    Central Illinois R/C Pullers 1st Pull

    There is a newer RC track in Litchfield Illinois (off I-55) Its called Walton Park R/C Raceway. It has oval and offroad. Link to website When is this happening? I'm in Springfield and would like to make the trip down.
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    Identity crisis force

    I got everything installed. Finding a pinion spur combo at my LHS has been a chore. Luckily I have a friend with a good parts stash. I "borrowed" a 41 tooth Losi XXXNT kevlar spur to go along with my 14 t pinion. I am having a lot of fun with this truck. I spent a good 30 minutes with it...