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  1. joe

    KhyzerSoze's SMT10 fleet.

    both trucks look great!
  2. joe

    Showtime Solid Axle Showdown

    Looks and sounds great. :cool
  3. joe

    Try New RCs

    That Redcat does look pretty good. My son is starting to bug me for some new r/c stuff; might have to get back into the swing of things!
  4. joe

    Cross R/C scale truck, the HC4 military type pickpup

    Ohh. I'm liking the looks of this!
  5. joe

    a question for site owners

    Buy Sell & Trade in the Online Shopping section?
  6. joe

    What's On Your Workbench??

    My boy and I started messing with our Dromida sc4.18 this week. All new electronics and a brushless setup... It's stupid fast for its size! I'm looking for a new radio now so we don't need to share my dx3r. The dx2l looks nice; it has a throttle limiting switch!
  7. joe

    Where did everyone around here go?

    I've been MIA for a while. Basically since having my son. Now that he's getting interested I might get back in. Space is a continual issue, though.
  8. joe

    what was your first monster truck kit?

    Blackfoot for me, too. Next was a JPS clod.
  9. joe

    Review Crew that time again? Tamiya Dump truck? Want to join? We need a builder!!

    Woohoo! Congrats, man! (I won't say who... watch the vid.) :)
  10. joe

    Review Crew: Tamiya Heavy Dump Truck Build-up

    Lol. Life happens! Happy New Year.
  11. joe

    HUGE NEWS! New Pro-line Clod WHEELS! Release Date 2/5/16!!!

    No more hub is good news; these should fit on my TXTs!
  12. joe

    Review Crew: Tamiya Heavy Dump Truck Build-up

    Nice. Looks like a fun size. but more importantly... how's it run?
  13. joe

    Review Crew: Tamiya Heavy Dump Truck Build-up

    Awesome! The brushless esc is a great bonus. My boy needs one of these for sure. Though his might need a crawler motor for a little while.
  14. joe

    Anyone have a project? Lets get some posting going on before RCMT goes silent forever

    I've been pretty absent from rc's for a bit. Seems my other hobbies and jobs took over! I do have a few projects in the works that I hope to get back to. I have nearly all the parts to build my lcg slash; hopefully I can soon. I've also got a bunch of upgrades for a little Dromida mini...
  15. joe

    New Traxxas MT!!! HUGE!!! (not solid axle though...)

    Nice, Bill! In all honesty, I was thinking about it for Sonny! Lol. He's 4 now.
  16. joe

    New Traxxas MT!!! HUGE!!! (not solid axle though...)

    "Self-righting"??!? That thing looks awesome!