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  1. dirt20

    King Sling!

    no.... their MURDERED lol
  2. dirt20

    aluminum c knuckles.....still available?!?;c=38
  3. dirt20

    Cloadapalooza?? 25 years ?

    Wow finally a light at the end of he solid axle tunnle for us
  4. dirt20

    Cloadapalooza?? 25 years ?

    Brushless usa-1 ..... wait wrong brand
  5. dirt20

    Cloadapalooza?? 25 years ?

    theirs what it looks like for those who cant see
  6. dirt20

    New Axial EXO short course buggy-truggy 4 wheel drive

    i hope not...... the idea of a lipo dragging scares me. lol
  7. dirt20

    New Axial EXO short course buggy-truggy 4 wheel drive

    Isn't this Axial's first attempt a Independent Suspension ?
  8. dirt20

    name this crawler

    he told me bottom dollar 120
  9. dirt20

    Cloadapalooza?? 25 years ?

    A big countdown just for a new look to their site
  10. dirt20

    name this crawler

    theirs another pic what do you think it would be worth ?
  11. dirt20

    name this crawler Found this on Craigslist, brand is not specified, he thinks it'.s a tamiya
  12. dirt20

    Mother of All Hot Wheels Tracks - Part 1

    He must work for hotwheels
  13. dirt20


    Get Steven to change the color of the text on the button. Make it pink or blue lol
  14. dirt20

    skins question?

    Hey Batman it works thanks steven
  15. dirt20

    skins question?

    It worked fine on the other board. But I know we have changed. Its not really bothering me. I just like a black forum better
  16. dirt20

    skins question?

    Skins won't change on my Android. Everything is white. No matter what theme. (This is with stock android browser)
  17. dirt20

    Football and Nasacar picks!

    Ryan Newman for cup win. Eagles win. Hey will talk to you boy and paint that car red. I'm tired of the black bud car.
  18. dirt20

    Another new traxxas stadium truck? SCT

    Their a blast on 2s and 3s
  19. dirt20

    New Era Jugg (update more pics)

    The one I had, had the bta link spaced below the lower links
  20. dirt20

    NEW **ECD-3** Prototype Design drawing!

    i wonder if an axle from a losi crawler or axial would work ?