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  1. Jerry Matoon

    Help: ? Stock clod wheels & Tires ... venting?

    Stock Clod; I just run it as it is.
  2. Jerry Matoon

    What's faster stinger or magnetic mayhem

    HPI 15T firebolts are cheaper than the stingers from Tower. What ESC are you using?
  3. Jerry Matoon

    Tekin FX-R Pro

    I have raced Clods with the FX Pro with twin 10T in 2s; and the Clod is still running strong. I cannot however give you an answer if you just want to bash with one from charged to cutoff
  4. Jerry Matoon

    What's faster stinger or magnetic mayhem

    What type of battery are you going to run Kenny? I havent seen one retro running stinger motors that wowed me to want to buy them. That being said; those trucks only run on 4.8 volts
  5. Jerry Matoon

    Dec. Ride of the month winner !

    saweeeeeeeeeeeeeet! I absolutely love the way the Blazer came out Nick! Congrats on the win
  6. Jerry Matoon

    Retro Clod Questions

    The last Winter Wars; they had sleds to pull with. No 6 cell NiMH; It should be a 4 cell. I have used a 1S LiPo and will tell you without a doubt; do not buy one for this purpose. The truck is slooooooooooow. Some guys bend the short steering rod from a stock clod into a "U" shape and...
  7. Jerry Matoon

    Dream Hobby

    hmmmmmmmmmm Your work table isnt radio controlled? :D Looks good to me Bill! I agree with the others that if you do any fabwork; something beefier than a folding table will be necessary. I would go for some lighting as well depending on how your area is lit. Shelving always a help with...
  8. Jerry Matoon

    KK2 chassis clod setup

    Lookin good there Tom! I know you have already made your body choice by now; but do you think the 13" 97 Ford from Parma would work with that chassis and wheelbase?
  9. Jerry Matoon

    Vote for ride of the month !

    I guess we are going to have paint up some replica bodies for our trucks Bill! and block Tom from showing off any of his stuff too:p
  10. Jerry Matoon

    Moving to Colorado (finally made it)

    Wow that is a great view!! Glad to hear the move went well. Congrats on the new job and best of luck to you!
  11. Jerry Matoon

    observation, maybe even a rant

    I'm one of the lucky ones; not that I have free reign to spend whatever on whatever I want; but she knows what I have and what was spent. Heck she has even bought me replacement parts for an airbrush recently! No sense in being sneaky about it; if it came down to her or the toys; the toys will...
  12. Jerry Matoon

    Vote for ride of the month !

    Hahaha that's only because I voted for you
  13. Bronco


  14. Jerry Matoon

    Vote for ride of the month !

    Tried to upload a photo; said it was successful but didnt appear in the ROM gallery :( Edit: Ah ha; there is a size limit on the pictures; Got it to upload by shrinking ;)
  15. Jerry Matoon

    Wraith Monster Jeep

    Sorry to hear you were caught by the storms; but glad you and everyone are OK!
  16. Jerry Matoon

    Mystery Chevy body.

    For a Retro it wouldn't be too bad as it is a little on the short wheelbase side; shorter than a stock Clod as a matter of fact. Here is what one looks like on my Superbus Retro chassis
  17. Jerry Matoon

    Mystery Chevy body.

    It's a Pro-Line Stadium Racer body. either from Pro-Line or TBG They were designed for the buggy to truck conversions and direct fit for RC10T; JRXT; King Cab etc.
  18. Jerry Matoon

    2.2 Retro Bigfoot 1

    Great start so far! The wheelbase on the HPI '79 Ford is about 12"
  19. Jerry Matoon


    oooooooooooo purty Kenny! Very Very nice!