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    Black friday Jconcepts

    JConcepts is having a black Friday sale. Use code BF2017 to save 15% on your order at
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    4 Link Nationals race

    Labor day weekend in Lancaster OH will be the second 4 Link National event. Here is a link to all the information.
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    JConcepts new 51 Ford body

    JConcepts just released there new 51 Ford body aka Grandma. I love how it loos. Several were at the event held at Diggers last weekend. Here is mine painted like the legend.
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    The Cube review

    I am very late posting this. I received the Cube from Morris several months ago. When you receive the chassis you will first be greeted with exceptional packaging. After you get it all unboxed you can see how well designed and all the precision craftsmanship that goes...
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    JConcepts bead lock rings

    JConcepts has just released there bead lock rings for the Tribute wheels. I had a chance to test these this year in Vegas at the Monster Jam RC World Finals. They fit perfectly look great and took a beating. You can get them in several colors to match any combination you want...
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    A few new Jconcepts bodies

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    2016 Monster truck Hall of Fame race

    A few picks from the retro race this year.
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    Jconcepts Tribute wheels and tire comparison

    Jconcepts Tribute wheels come with several nice options. You get three different adapters so you can decide how wide you want your truck to be. The planetary cover has two options as well. One solid and one with a access hole so you can tighten the nut if needed. A few pics of what you get...
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    RC Cae Action Monster & Scale trucks

    If you want to see some action pics from the Vegas race pick up the latest issue of Monster & Scale trucks from Car Action. It also has a Feature on the newest Tweaked Racing chassis.
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    Mini Monster Jam

    This year at Monster Jam World Finals Bari invited 16 drivers to compete in a Mini Monster Jam during the pit party for three days. There was a lot of people involved with this event and done a lot of work to make thing run smooth. Here are a few pics. Album...
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    Outlaw Retro

    Built a retro for a upcoming event.
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    Best BTA steering link ever produced

    I was lucky enough for Mo to let me test one of his new steering links at this past springs race. This is the best bta steering link ever produced hands down. This Cipher link has zero play. Mo took his time and designed it to be very simple and have no play like other links on the market...
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    Juggernaut leaf spring mounts

    I am needing the plastic pieces that bolt to the axle housing on the bottom and top of the housing and the piece that clamps the leaf spring to the top block.
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    Jay Jordons Worlds pics

    Jay took the pictures at the worlds this year.
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    Worlds pics

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    Worlds entry

    Have I over looked the early entry form? It is still the old one on the site.
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    Wraith build

    I have had these axles forever just been to busy to do anything with them. I had a little time last night and this morning to see how things fit. I designed the chassis around the wraith axles. I did use one in my RC4WD digger axle build but it looks much better with the wraith axles I think...
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    Rc4wd axle build

    Finally had a little time to work on this. I drew a chassis a few months ago and had it cut to see how it will work with these axles. I planed on using a axial transmission but wasn't happy with how it fit. Thought about the Mad Force but it didn't work out very either. So I decided to...
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    New rc4wd axle

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    World Finials

    A few pics I took at the world finials.