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  1. JKRacing37

    Is the Wheely/Crawler King still in production?

    Trans gears were definitely the weakest link especially going brushless. I might have a set of metal gears still in my parts box. If you're interested let me know and I'll take a look and can shoot you a price. They are collecting dust so I'm not wanting a mint for them. RC4WD still sells...
  2. JKRacing37


    AWESOME truck!!! I love the concept/theme. Looks great!!
  3. JKRacing37

    What's wrong with this motor? And another one bites the dust...

    Yeowza. How does one go about accomplishing such a feat?
  4. JKRacing37

    Traxxas "scaler" in the works, a SOLID axle Traxxas truck. (Non-mt :( UPDATED! MAY 1

    Search portal axle conversion on Google. You'll get a ton of hits from shops selling kits to how to articles. 4Wheeler magazine has an article that is at the top of the search results for converting a Dana 14 bolt and a Dana 60 to portal design. The main function of a portal axle is to...
  5. JKRacing37

    Traxxas "scaler" in the works, a SOLID axle Traxxas truck. (Non-mt :( UPDATED! MAY 1

    Portal axles have been used for years in off-road use. These axles are very much scale and have good detail for a portal axle.
  6. JKRacing37

    been along time...but I'm back..

    I do not have any of them...just wanted to chime in and say I hope things are better now for you. I went through a bad one myself a few years ago and I too sold all my RCs except for one. Have you tried looking at your seller history on ebay and contacting the buyers?
  7. JKRacing37

    new to electrics

    Is the truck new? Is the gearing stock? Is there any binding in the drivetrain?
  8. JKRacing37

    new to electrics

    What caused the thermal shut down? Hot motor or hot esc? How hot were each...was the motor hot and the ESC cool, vise versa, or both hot? I'm not sure about the battery quality, I'm sure there are others who will chime in. Depending on the temperatures of the components involved it might...
  9. JKRacing37

    Smt problems

    Don't want to be a buzz kill but unless you have shelf queens it's part of the hobby. :(
  10. JKRacing37

    Tamiya Juggernaut 2

    You did a great job! Love the black wheels / USA-1 tire combo!
  11. JKRacing37

    Looking for ESC suggestions

    Thanks, I'll look into it. I think that might be overkill for what I'm doing (simple brushed set up) but if I run out of options that may be something I can fall back on. I just picked up a Losi MRC ESC and am going to see how that works.
  12. JKRacing37

    Looking for ESC suggestions

    I'm starting builds on a couple Venom Mini Giants and I am ditching the stock electronics. I'm looking for a small / mini / micro ESC for the trucks. I just ordered a Losi ESC from the MRC to check out but if anyone has any other suggestions let me know!
  13. JKRacing37

    Lunchbox/Rollin' Thunder

    Love it! Excellent work...and the Rolling Thunder theme takes me back to my childhood. I remember seeing that MT in a magazine thinking it was really cool!
  14. JKRacing37

    UPDATE! NEW Tires and wheels Jconcepts!

    I am head over heels for the Firestorms. Makes me want to do a retro Godzilla!!
  15. JKRacing37

    Help: Esc help old School brushed setup

    I have an old Novak Cyclone (not sure which version but all Cyclones have no motor limit and are rated for 4-7 cells). If you want it you can have it free of charge. It's a FWD only ESC. Just PM me your address and I'll get it out to you this weekend.
  16. JKRacing37

    what was your first monster truck kit?

    Tamiya Lunchbox quickly followed up by a Clodbuster!
  17. JKRacing37

    Wheely King wheel and tire combo

    Ok, I feel like a moron. I looked for them last night to send you a pic and I realized that I sold the tires with the project they were supposed to go on. I'm very sorry!
  18. JKRacing37

    Wheely King wheel and tire combo

    $30 shipped? They come with rims and foams. Never glued. I can send pics if you like.
  19. JKRacing37

    Wheely King wheel and tire combo

    I ordered a set for a project and never used them. If you are interested in them let me know I'll save you a couple bucks from eBay.
  20. JKRacing37

    Local ( Ohio ) advertising

    Why is that?