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  1. DiggerXX

    DiggerXX's Wheely King Build

    It was a very fun build. I ended up getting a good offer for this truck and sold it a few months ago, I'm hoping to start up a new build in the near future!
  2. DiggerXX

    Vote for Ride of the month

    Me! I wanna enter! 2015-02-25 22.33.39 by officertyler, on Flickr
  3. DiggerXX

    DiggerXX's Wheely King Build

    The King is going to take a new step in her life, just bought a Ground Pounder chassis complete with Links for an awesome price. Going to be converting the Wheely King Drivetrain to this larger chassis. Not quite sure on plans for chassis color yet.... New GP chassis for the Wheel King by...
  4. DiggerXX

    Monster Jam - St. Louis 2015

    A few of my favorite photos from the show. DSCN5474 by officertyler, on Flickr DSCN5560 by officertyler, on Flickr DSCN5578 by officertyler, on Flickr DSCN5598 by officertyler, on Flickr DSCN5618 by officertyler, on Flickr DSCN5648 by officertyler, on Flickr DSCN5669 by...
  5. DiggerXX

    Am I crazy for wanting one?!

    Yeah that Bounty Build was a while back, Jimmy was running similar tires so I wanted to replicate. Haha. The New Bright bodies are weak, I have a Max D body and it is just too thin to really hold up to bashing.
  6. DiggerXX

    Am I crazy for wanting one?!

    Definitely nothing wrong with a Wheely King. I have one with a build thread on here, and you can go so many different directions with it. I got it as my first hobby grade RC truck and definitely don't regret it. I have a Stampede as well and I had a race clod, the WK is still my favorite out of...
  7. DiggerXX

    Monster Jam - St. Louis 2015

    I think my favorite was Steven's freestyle in Hooked, he got some awesome air time in that truck! Here are some more videos for freestyle
  8. DiggerXX

    Bart50's Wheely Kings

    Kinda bumping this thread up, great builds so far, anything new on them lately?
  9. DiggerXX

    DiggerXX's Wheely King Build

    Thanks! I love it so far! Still need to get my Raminator body mounted on there. Good call, they really need redone anyhow.
  10. DiggerXX

    DiggerXX's Wheely King Build

    Back to the clod tires! Fits the Max D body better. 20150203_162810 by officertyler, on Flickr 20150203_162852 by officertyler, on Flickr
  11. DiggerXX

    Monster Jam - St. Louis 2015

    Anytime, they are definitely a lot of fun! More Video, Intros and the Qualifying race between Zombie (Bari) and Madusa, in which Madusa broke her truck. Photos are still being edited.
  12. DiggerXX

    Monster Jam - St. Louis 2015

    I was going to open a thread for this, but you beat me to it! Since it's here, I will post my thoughts from it as I did last year. I drive 3 hours from Springfield to go to this show because as others say, it is an awesome show, I've even heard that it's in the top 3 to go to. The Dome is...
  13. DiggerXX

    DiggerXX's Wheely King Build

    Tiny little update on the Wheely King. Still waiting on my new 4 links to get here. Messed with my Hot Racing shocks again, swapped to the medium rate springs in all 4, performs a lot better than before. Bought another Level3RC Center Servo mount and got rid of the offset mount I had on here...
  14. DiggerXX

    Son-Uva Digger Wheely King build!

    Any update with the sway bars? Definitely wanting/needing some on my truck!
  15. DiggerXX

    My Bounty Hunter for the Trigger King series

    Chassis is just stock on this one.
  16. DiggerXX

    What link mounts

    For me the lower mounts are just the stock Crawler King shock/link mounts. The upper link mounts are from eBay and have held up/worked very well for me. I didn't want to deal with shims and spacers so I just went with the one aluminum mount per axle and links sized to fit the wheelbase I wanted.
  17. DiggerXX

    SCALE Nitro Monster Truck!!!

    I think its pretty cool! Don't see too much about the nitro Kings!
  18. DiggerXX

    DiggerXX's CPE Predator Clod

    Here are some recent photos of my clod. Raced it for the first time at the Bigfoot open house and am finally getting around to posting about it. Lol The truck ran well, only concern is the steering setup. I bought a ZRP BTA steering mount to fix that problem. Here are a few shots as...
  19. DiggerXX

    Nov Ride of the month winner !

    Nice man! Congrats on the win!
  20. DiggerXX

    VOTE for ride of the month !

    Awesome group of entries! Good luck to everyone.