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    VOTE for ride of the month !

    Do I need to do anything for mine to be entered again this month, or will you take care of that?
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    1/10th E-Revo roll cage into a monster truck tuber frame????

    So I had a thought. Let me know what you guys think. I have a roll cage laying around from my 1/10th E Revo (I think it is actually for the nitro revo, since I couldn't get it to fit my E Revo), and I was thinking that it may be a good start for a monster truck tuber frame. Do you think it...
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    VOTE for Ride of the month !

    What the heck, go ahead and put mine in again for next month
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    VOTE for Ride of the month !

    So what happens now since there was a tie for second?
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    So Cal clubs?

    Anyone know of any rc monster truck clubs/organizations in Southern California (L.A. area)? I have seen plenty of of stuff for SC's, buggies, and that sort of stuff, but nothing for monster trucks.
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    Leaky shocks

    If you are using the stock shocks, the o-rings and other sealing parts in the shocks are garbage and will continually leak. I tired rebuilding mine with o-rings and parts from a Pro-Line Powerstroke shock rebuild kit, but they still leaked. IMO the stock shocks are just poorly constructed and...
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    Brushless motor and esc combo recommendations

    Ok, somehow today when I was running my rig I managed to snap the motor shaft :eek:mad. So now I am in the market for a new motor/esc combo. I think I want to go with the Mamba Max Pro esc, but I'm not sure which motor to get. I am running steel 12t pinon and 43t spur, RC4WD Universal Monster...
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    Axle brace question

    Thanks for the input and info guys. I checked out the braces, and unfortunately I dont think they will work for me with the way I currently have my truck set up. I swapped the brackets on the axles where the shocks and lower four link attach, which pushes them further out towards the ends of the...
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    VOTE for Ride of the month !

    Tried uploading my photo as you said above, but it is not showing up in the gallery. It said photo uploaded succesfully. Help :conf
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    Grave Robber Ground Pounder

    Well, I'm not actually in the service anymore, I am a veteran. I did ten years active duty in the Air Force, but I got out in 2006. I still work for the Air Force (have since I left active duty), but as a civilian, what they call Civil Service. I still do the same thing I did before (jet engine...
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    Axle brace question

    I have a V3 Ground Pounder, and I was wondering if it would still be a good idea to get some form of axle brace for my truck? Did they happen to beef up/improve the axles on the V3, or are they the same as the V1 and V2? If I should get some axle braces, could someone point me in a...
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    Grave Robber Ground Pounder

    Just read the rules, and i cant enter this month :(, havent been a member long enough. "To participate in the Ride of the Month Contest (entries and or voting) members must have a join date at least 30 days prior to the start of the current Ride of the Month Contest and have at least 3 valid...
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    Razdawg's "Backyard Beast" Build - (Barbarian Pounder)

    Lol, sorry :p You could try this one: That is what I was going to use. Don't know if you like that body, but just a thought.
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    Grave Robber Ground Pounder

    Thanks. The post says two days, is that two days left to enter, or two days until we can start submitting?
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    Razdawg's "Backyard Beast" Build - (Barbarian Pounder)

    I know what you mean about trying to pick out a body. Took me forever to find one I liked, especially since I wanted to do something a little different as far as the body. I was going to do the 69' Charger body on mine until I found the Grave Robber body. Im pretty sure most 8th size bodies will...
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    Grave Robber Ground Pounder

    Thanks for the compliments :D This is my first "true" monster truck, and I wanted to do something cool and a little different. Did alot of research on the GP before I decided to buy it. I knew there were a few issues with it out of the box, and I planned on going brushless right away, so I knew...
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    Grave Robber Ground Pounder

    A quick shot of my Ground Pounder with the Grave Robber body.