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    Jconcepts Monster Cross

    Stephen, I know exactly what you're talking about!!! It's a whole different experience than what most are used to when it comes to monster truck racing. I raced this style of racing for years before I ever hit the side by side racing format. It can be nerve racking racing these big trucks for...
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    Jconcepts Monster Cross

    That style of racing is where I got my start in R/C monster truck racing. RC AVE/Alley like Nick mentioned was it. It's nice to see a version of it return. I wanted to go to this latest one just couldn't swing it. Looks like it was fun track to race on for sure, the crazier the better LOL!!!
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    southwestern pa monster truck club

    Where in south west PA? You looking to race or what did you have in mind?
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    Heading out for the World's...

    Good luck Nick. Hope you do really well. Would like to be there myself but can't do it this year.
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    Pro-Line Devastator Clod tires (another new release!)

    They look great and I REALLY like the name they gave them HaHa!!! C'mon, someone had to be waiting for me to post on this LOL!!!
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    Leopard 2A6 tank on a mission

    Very cool, thanks for sharing :cool
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    Build of Defiance Racing TXT

    The battery opening will fit NIMH, NICD or 2S Lipo. The little brackets on each side are a retro fit, they did not come standard on chassis kits until just recently. Those are designed only to hold 2S Lipo. I never tried NIMH or NICD to see if they fit between the brackets. If they don't...
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    Build of Defiance Racing TXT

    Looking great so far! It's always a real treat for me to see these on RCMT and the build process. A lot of times these go to people not on this site and I never see what happens with them so getting to see them become somebody's ride is awesome. Thanks for posting this topic, I will be...
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    Gearbox shimming opinions

    Now I have heard of people drilling and tapping the gear shafts. I never heard whether it helped or not but I imagine it had to be a positive. I would think that would be as good as shimming or maybe even better. Those gear shafts don't always have a snug fit in the gear case halves and that...
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    Gearbox shimming opinions

    I run BL in my Clods and have never shimmed anything. I don't do the "ballooning" with my trucks as you mentioned but I do race mine and push them as hard as the track they are on will permit. Gears wear much faster with BL and it's a miracle they take any abuse at all from BL power given what...
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    Rc tank airsoft shooting course!

    Cool cool cool :) That was great watching that. Looks like that's a lot of fun. Thanks for posting that vid!
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    Tamiya CC01 to the Top!

    I watch all your vids. The tank video was cool. I'd like to see it in action. RC Tanks have always fascinated me, especially the Tamiya tanks.
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    Defiance TXT Steering and Rear Lockout Pics

    When I designed my setup, I wanted the front shocks to be on the front axle but it totally wasn't going to work. I always wanted to mess around with that idea of making it work but never did. I have never been a fan of mounting shocks on the link bars but in this situation I really didn't have...
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    Defiance TXT Steering and Rear Lockout Pics

    Alex, no problem. I sent you an e-mail, did it get through to you?
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    Defiance TXT Steering and Rear Lockout Pics

    I was contacted by a member here with questions and requests for pics. They are old pics but the parts are still the same. Steering: This was during pre-production so the shocks are not pictured. Rear Lockout
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    My Defiance TXT-1

    Great looking ride there! Sounds like a solid setup too with your electronics. I run Rumbles on mine and too and they make the truck run awesome.
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    With racing and pulling combined we are already well over 300 entries. The racing classes are really shaping up nicely. Would be great to see some RCMT members come out to see what goes on there. It's a fun time. If you are thinking of coming and have questions, either ask right here or PM...
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    Bigfoot Stampede's available soon

    Very cool indeed! So many options they could go with if they decide to produce more bodies. I am not a fan of the stadium style body either but it does look really good on the 'ole Pede. Great to see a new option for the Stampede.
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    What could it be ???

    It's the classic unfinished rc project, that's what it is! Zero clue....... sorry, had to throw that out there since everyone is struggling lol:D
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    UPDATE! NEW Tires and wheels Jconcepts!

    That's pretty awesome....... something for everyone. These are great times for the MT community!!