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    Clod restoration

    Nice Thread. I'm enjoying all the pics and details. Keep up the good work!
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    I finally had some time to make something for me! Ever since I saw Avenger in Arlington, TX with a truck body, I knew I had to have one. I used MCI decals. I chose to go with internal decals this time. I've never done it before and I think it came out great. Not too shabby for an amateur.
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    Chassis Project-Update(7/20/13)

    Thanks! I appreciate it. I am still here. The social media sites have really taken my time up, but I have a goal this year to transition back to here.
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    Crossmembers in stock!

    Crossmembers are now in stock. Choose from 72mm, 85mm, and 102mm. Made from solid 6061-T6 aluminum with M3 tapped ends.
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    New Product - Stock Clod 4-Link Kit

    SWMS introduces the stock Clod 4-link kit for just $30!
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    New Product - KK2 Wheelie Bars

    SWMS just added carbon fiber KK2 Wheelie Bars. Make sure to check them out when you get a chance!
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    Welcome aboard

    Thank you! For those who are not aware, I've been on here for quite some time under the username KingKlod. Last year I changed my username to SWMS to represent my company. When you have time, hop on over to to check things out. KK1s and KK2s will still be...
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    Mad Dog II

    Very awesome build. I love the innovation and ingenuity.
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    KK2 Remix.....

    I had some spare time to perform some more wrenching. I put a little bit of some attention to the shocks. I added some rubber bumpers to limit how much travel I get at full bump. The motor to chassis side plate clearance gets a little tight and this helps prevent any possible contact...
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    KK2 Remix.....

    Sure thing. Here you go.
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    KK2 Remix.....

    And Clod axles going in. They fit so nice. I like using Clod gear that I am so familiar with. Here's a front and rear view of the new SWMS dual shock mount bracket.
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    KK2 Remix.....

    Out with old. All Axial gear coming out.
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    KK2 Remix.....

    It's time that the original KK2 prototype gets a change up in powertrain. She's been running axial gear for a few years, and I think it's now time to drop in some classic Clod motor on axle action! Here are a few pics for where she's at now.
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    Flysky GT3B Upgrade Hack kit - for sale

    For Sale ($40 OBO, Brand New, Unused): OverKill RC updgrade kit for Flysky GT3B: Includes: -Firmware flashing kit -High efficiency voltage regulator -Steering wheel bearing mod
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    I'm back with a build! Tamiya TLT-1 Grave Digger!

    That little thing looks killer. Makes me kinda want to try one.
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    New Freestyle RC Chassis

    Josh has been a busy guy. Hopefully he'll release some more pics soon.
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    Southwest Monster Shop (SWMS)

    Thank you, sir. It was quiet the learning curve.
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    Southwest Monster Shop (SWMS)

    A big crate of goodies just arrived! Can't wait to tear it open and see.
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    Southwest Monster Shop (SWMS)

    Hello members! I am pleased to announce that I have officially transferred from KingKlod to Southwest Monster Shop (SWMS). Please visit to see product offerings such as the well known KK1 and KK2. Make sure to register on SWMS because at 3pm CST on...
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    Mini El Toro Loco

    Man oh man, that Toro looks awesome!