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    Kyosho Mad Force/Crusher/USA-1 VE/FO-XX Size Comparison Thread

    Hello all, Hope you are all well. Before the Ultimate RC forums went down I ran this thread there. Lost a lot of information when that forum went down. I am going to start this thread here. People love to see size comparison threads to get a concept of how big a truck is compared to what they...
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    Cute Toddler and Family Reaction to Mad Force at the Park.

    Hello all, Hope you are all well. Was running my Kyosho Mad Force Kruiser VE V1 at the park and this Family was walking by and started reacting cutely out loud. The audio of their reactions is a little low, but still audible and Enjoy!! Later, Tony
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    Kyosho Mad Force Kruiser Rides Again!! Wheelie Video.

    Hello all, Hope you are all well. Just finished rebuilding my Kyosho Mad Force Kruiser VE V1. I am excited about the new center driveshaft upgrades on the new Kyosho USA-1 VE, can't wait to get that new front universal driveshaft and the new half universal driveshaft. Wonder when those parts...
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    My Kyosho Mad Force Kruiser VE V1

    Here is my Mad Force VE version 1 with an El Camino SS body with 100mm scooter wheel wheelie bar. Long blue and green shock springs from a Kyosho Inferno. Videos of Truck in Action. Later, Tony
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    Mad Force Kruiser VE Wheelie Bar Mod

    Hello All, Hope you are all well. Have had my Mad Force Kruiser VE now for almost 1 year. It has been a good truck so far. I just recently broke a rear steering knuckle, and wore down the rear body posts to the first hole. Not bad for 1 year of driving. The thing is still a blast to...