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    New Axial 1969 Chevy Blazer

    This looks nice, might have to at least pick up the body one day.
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    Current 1:1 project, and why I have no money for r/c lol

    I've had this truck since I was 18 and it was one of the first things I spent my Army paychecks on. I got it from my cousin who was also in the Army and he is the one who added the lift and had it painted black. It is a 1986 Chevy K-10 Scottsdale. I put a new engine in a couple years ago but...
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    Another Traxxas solid axle, still no MT.

    I'm starting to wonder if Traxxas is slowly working their way towards a solid axle MT. First the TRX-4, now a solid rear axle short course truck... Maybe we can make it steer ;)
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    Tracks for TLT axles?

    Does anyone know how to fit Predator tracks or similar on TLT axles? I think you have to buy a different knuckle to put them on, but why? If it's just to keep the track assembly in a certain position then I can figure something out. Thanks for any help/suggestions.
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    Made my own crushed bodies

    I decided it was time to retire some old r/c bodies. Instead of throwing them out, I re-purposed them so their lives can continue... They all have wood blocks screwed into the bottom and are all attached together underneath with metal bracing. Portable crush vehicles.
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    Awesome, 1/1 scale BRUISER by Toyota! another one, more true to the original...
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    World's pics and vids are on FB

    Since I don't have anywhere to host pics, and this site is pretty much dead... I guess it's time to start promoting the FB page where I can actually put up pictures. So, check out on FB!
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    Heading out for the World's...

    Hope to see some of you there, feels weird not bringing a Pedeanaut with me...
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    Better TA-02 steering?

    I have been working on my Tamiya Hummer and forgot how horrible the steering is on these. Is there any way to take some of the play and "flop" out of the front end? I can't get full throw because the links hit the inside of the chassis on one side and the driveshaft on the other. There is so...
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    Happy 20th Anniversary!!!

    Now, if there were just people posting here that could celebrate it with me lol. Hard to believe I've been on here for 18 or so of those years.
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    Kyosho Mad Crusher MT

    This is being released in November.
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    4Link Nationals pics and videos thread

    Had a great time at the 4Link Nationals this weekend in Lancaster, OH. Brought my daughter Keira, my cousins Jason and Jeremy, and Jeremy's son Robert. Bari can definitely put on an event, everything ran smoothly and was done every day early enough that we could eat supper and get to bed at a...
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    Take-off 2.4 gig radios needed!

    Hey guys, if you have a new or like new take-off 2.4 gig radio I would be interested. Traxxas radio's would be preferred but I'll take a look at anything. Need some updates on my crawlers and stock Clod. Thanks!
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    Constant Abuse Stampede updates

    I've had this truck for years, it started as a stock used Pede and has had many version since. I recently added an FLM 1/8 chassis, aluminum front bulkhead, newer style adjustable body posts, spray painted JConcepts 1988 Extended Chevy body, etc. and brought this thing back to life after...
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    New MST solid axle monster truck REVIEW VIDEO ADDED!

    Came across this just now, never heard of the brand until now. Actually looks decent.
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    What's wrong with this motor? And another one bites the dust...

    I'm sure if you look long enough you will go WTH? So, now I am wondering if there is actually something wrong... I've ran LiPo on these types of motors with no issues before, my cousin burned up two motors in his Ground Pounder with a Dynamite esc and a Nano-Tech Turnigy LiPo. Any ideas...
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    No more diff, or hubs...

    So, took my MF out yesterday to Bell Smith Springs in southern IL. It doesn't like my Castle Mamba Max/2200 and 4s apparently. First I noticed something wasn't pulling, figured it was the hex spinning in the wheel, sure enough, rounded. Then the other hex jammed itself between the flat spots in...
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    Some more issues

    I noticed that the forums are no longer marking themselves as read after I leave the site. May just be my cookies. Also, "registered users" are allowed to post but don't show up as members who have read a post. Why do we need registered users anyways, can we just turn them into members somehow...
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    SMT10 Grave Digger, updates, vids, racing thoughts.

    I had to do some black light testing on the new Digger. First time I have owned a Grave Digger r/c bodied vehicle. I have some Clod size tires and wheels for it, not sure which ones to go with yet. Also a Castle 5700 and a few other things on the way. Gotta find me a flag to fly out the back so...
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    New SMT-10 owner, first upgrades?

    Mine should be delivered today, also got J Concepts wheels and about 4 different types of Clod size tires to choose from. Any suggestions for what parts to buy first, what usually breaks on these? Thanks guys :)