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    Help: Newbie questions

    I would like to start ulling I am 62 and handiacapped like the bolink digger what mods do I have to do to get it ready? I have a traxxas 2wd instead of digger should I use it? Again what mods thanks for the help. I saw someone on here selling diggers for$90 can you let me know who.
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    monster beetle shocks

    looking for a set of monster beetle shocks for my 80s bf. let me know what you have thanks. mac
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    up-grade parts needed

    looking for the dog bone up-grade kit for my blackfoot I know I can get it off e-bay but would like to deal with guys on this forum so dig around and let me know thanks. mac:)
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    parma bigfoot body

    looking for parma bigfoot body number 10199 maybe some one has one laying around thanks. mac:)
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    blackfoot chassis part needed

    I am looking for crp part number1606 chassis supports if anyone has a set bid on a set on fleabay and lost.let me knowc thanks. mac:)
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    adjustable motor mount needed

    need an adj. motor mount for a blackfoot checked flea-bay no good maybe someone out there has one thanks. mac:tmb
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    blackfoot hop-ups

    okay guys just joined and I need some help hopping up my blackfoot. I got some ideas- 1- bearings 2- esc to replace manual one- any idea what brand is good? 3- shocks-again what brand or model? 4- rear axel set up- say the crp set-up on e-bay tires- mine are dry rotted with more holes than...