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    Brawler wheels and destroyer tires question

    Hey guys, wondering if the brawler wheels and destroyer tires will be a direct bolt on n the axial smt10. Just wondering before I buy them.
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    Anyone into nascar memorabilia? I have a VERY rare pre production piece..

    Anyone here into nascar memorabilia? I have a very VERY rare piece that was pre production but released anyway without him knowing and a few hundred made it out. BUT this one was the prototype that he(dale Earnhardt Sr.) drew on showing what he wanted moved where and then signed off on. But the...
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    All aluminum CPE clod on ebay

    Just like it says listed my all aluminum integy and CPE clod on eBay!
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    Steel clod buster gear case housings? Or do I have a weird piece

    Ok so I have a clod with aluminum tubes and knuckles and the case housings I thought were just chrome plated but turns out these pigs are metal and I believe to be steel and chrome plated because they don't have the same look the aluminum does..y'all know of anyone that ever did clod cases in...
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    Castle brushless prices..think it's a good deal?

    Called my lhs today and for a castle sv3 3800 setups motor and esc is 118. Thinking of going brushless in one of my clods and its be my first brushless clod. 240 doesn't seem bad for 2 tho does it?
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    Is there a clodzilla 1?

    So just like it says, is there a clodzilla 1? Why did esp make a zlodIlla 2-3-4 but never market a clodzilla 1? I've searched and searched and haven't found any kind of answer to this..can y'all help?
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    Call me crazy but I want to fulfill a childhood dream..can ya help?

    As the title says call me crazy but I really want to fulfill a childhood dream. I remember back when I had clods and always drooled over the esp stuff but never could afford one. They were the cutting edge then and thunder tech had JUST started. But at this point in my life I can finally afford...
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    Start of a digger 28 tube chassis PICS!

    Hey guys a lot of people have been asking for pics, I'm keeping Bigfoot 8 under wraps for now. But here's a digger 28 I started on before I got crazy busy at work. Gonna get it finished up soon. Still have a lot more finish grinding and smoothing to do on the joints and finish the top half as...
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    Losi mini late model

    Looking for a nice Losi mini late model that's rtr! Let me know what u have
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    Picked up 30 feet of 3/16 steel

    Just like it says, I picked up 30 feet of 3/16 brake line this evening and will be starting on a Bigfoot 8 tube chassis tomorrow afternoon after work. Just working off of some pics but it's a pretty simple setup. Il have some pics to follow hopefully tomorrow evening!
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    Doing a run of tube chassis..any interest?

    I have some time off from work so I'm going to be doing a run of tune chassis. I'm doing digger chassis as well as a standard RCD chassis. All chassis will be made from 3/16 steel brake line and MIG welded together. No brass brazed stuff. I'm building these to be replicas that u can beat on HARD...
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    Thoughts on ESP ROCKZILLA

    Ran across a really nice nearly new clod with the full esp ROCKZILLA setup. Trucks rtr and polished and not beat on. He wants 300 for it, just wondering what yalls input is on this setup?
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    WTB clod!

    Looking for a decent mod clod to bash with prefer rtr, brushed or rush less doesn't matter. Will look at all clods tho as long as it's not outrageously priced. Have cash in hand!
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    What happened to all the old timers?!

    What happened to all the old timers from waaaay back on the really old board like thunderstrike, clodiphobia, doc wildman, slufoot, rcjim horrifically customs and all those guys? I used to do a lot of trading with clodiphobia and thunderstrike. Thunderstrike(don I believe his name was) actually...
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    Jps out of business??

    I've been trying to get in touch with JPS since November and have had no luck. Now I know that they have a bad reputation for poor customer service and all but upon further digging on the interweb today I have discovered that they have apparently closed there doors for good is what I'm finding...
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    Just scored a SWEET full sassy USA-1 shelf queen !

    Just scored this sweet USA-1 has the full sassy treatment minus the cantilevers, also has the entire thorp drivetrain axles and all, as well as lockers front ad rear. Came with 2 sets of radio gear an evx and a set of the clodzilla motors! Tires sent even dry rotted nd the bodies never been run...
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    Anyone intrested in sumone making new speed parts for USA-1

    Just like it says I'm making a lot of stuff for thebusa-1 now..I always wanted one and finally got one tht was in a lot worse shape then advertised Soooo begins the vicious cycle ha...I'm an old member from way back in the days of doc wildcat and clodiphobia just stepped away but I have full...