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    zombie apocalypse / mad max truck, needing ideas 1/10

    so few years ago I built this awesome 1/10 scale military MRAP a.k.a bone crusher . it frickin huge, r/c, lights , sounds etc anyway, I want to make some changes to make it look a zombie killer, ii will have a dual plow on it, but I need some crazy ideas, I don't think my ideas are crazy...
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    True scale looking monster truck paypal ready

    im looking for a monster truck closest to the reall truck as possible paypal ready , please no junk . email me [email protected]
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    Ford king full pull #669 hot rod

    I was looking at some tractor pulling trucks, thought it would kool to make one, I using a king hauler cab scratch built bed parma motor kit 5700kv brushless system rc4wd r2 trans rc4wd force alum rims lesu tires rc4wd lockable axles alum rear bumper
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    lowboy / lowloader with option jeep/stinger 1/14

    I was looking to do something more towards a show then work trailer. rc4wd sells black and red blank rails this will be a tandem with rear flip axle, also will have a flip extension goose neck . will be making a jeep / dollie too
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    LOWBOY TRAILER, with fold down goose neck, budget build

    hey everybody for those in the 1/14 scale hobby and wants to add a lowboy to there collection , but cant afford the 1200 and up price tag. this thread will show a how-too for under 300.00usd using stock Tamiya wheels, tires, suspension and cross members. but once you go into the...
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    1/14 LOWBOY trailer , mostly scatch

    herea lowboy I just finished she is 46 inches long. 7 inches wide, made from alum and plastic the goose is a manual working
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    Maz 537 1/10 scale non military have some fun with it

    alright time to get started here, Ive been playing around with this build for about a month now , trying to prep for it . suspension is something new to me as it is an independent suspension. so at 1st I bought the wrong parts , this booboo cost me 180.00usd . but im hoping I can resell...
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    its BUFFALO TIME 1/10 mostly scratch AKA BONE CRUSHER

    finally able to get started on this build, ive been wanting to do this for along time. I believe ive done enough research and download enough pictures to get start like all my builds it wil be r/c with a working arm . ive scale this out to be a 1/10 which is really big, somt times I think...
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    r/c car action magazine, im in this month's issue

    im in this month readers rides page 26, the Toyota bruiser 502 full pull . I just found out today , wahoo!
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    cabs, cabs and more cabs, a few mods

    ive been building alot of cabs lately so I figure I show you them, everything is up for crabs, if you see something you like ley me know this cab I stretched the nose,chop the top and sleeper, shes primed and 1st coat white paint this is a needle nose pete, I took 15 mm...
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    scania , it need a little attitude fine tuning

    yesterday I started on this cab, ive always wanted to see if I can mke a t-cab using the front bumper and putting full fenders on it . I will bring you up to date on it 1st I started with cutting out 32mm out of the width im using the knigh hood , I 1st attached the complete hood...
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    kenworth winch truck all wheel drive

    hey guys ive been working on this truck for a couple of weeks now, I figure its time to post I started with the basic king kit, parted about 50% out any way , this a little how-too on the all wheel drive chassis. time for the mock -up rails, the black rails are the stock...
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    globeliner military construction cab only

    was looking at the globeliner and was thinking what i could do to modded this into something kool this is wahat i came up with, shes up for grabs too
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    pivoting crane / hiab 1/14 scale scratch FINISHED

    the pockets have ran dry for the next step on my firetruck. so in the mean time ive been wanting to build a small crane / hiab for the back of a big rig truck. this will be in a 1/14 scale , completely scratch and close to detail as picture allow me. so if any body out there has...
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    mack 1970s r-model

    ok , i beleive i have everything in to get started on this awesome 1970s r-model mack , this will have tilt hood not sure on full, half or no bunk yet about 22 inches long 55 turn motor 2x futaba servos not sure on rims ot tires yet i will just go with the flowlol!
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    scale garage 1/10 1/8

    ive been wanting to build something like for awhile, so i figure i give it shot . ive started by buying a peice 1/4 inch styrene, this way i can bolt stuff to the floor. right now im waiting the floor covering and the wall covering to come in, in the mean while i started to build a working...
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    mercedes actros 1851 gigaspace with a few changes #372

    i finally received in one of the new trucks from tamiya its a really nice looking sports truck. comes with super singles for the front nice looking side skirts, etc but i have to add some changes,\ im adding a second axle , probably 55 turm motor, ball bearings and a short nose, its...
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    Full Pull 502 Big Block # 365 rc4wd how-too

    well its been awhile . but wait to see what i have instored for this project. i started with a bruiser stock chassis i cant use the center cross member, or the front cross member rc4wd has dual shock mounts for the tf2, but you can also put them on the bruiser chassis. i only...
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    looking for zoomie headers for my build

    hey guys looking to finish my bruiser custom build, but i need zoomies for my 1/10 engine. please email me back on this, [email protected]