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    Kyosho Wheels

    Did Kyosho make different width wheels? I got one that is like 3/8" narrower than three others.
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    For my motorcyle brethren.

    The true 12 days of Christmas: Twelve Biker Days of Christmas CrazyDave On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a rebuild kit for my Harley On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me Twins for an **** and a rebuild kit for my Harley On the...
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    inactivity timeout

    im using chrome, and whenever i go to a forum from the main page, it shows everything as read or ive been inactive for 15 minutes. its been doing this for a month. why is it doing this?
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    pulling hitches

    is anyone making any for the retro trucks?
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    value of txt roller

    how much would one go for with an aftermarket chassis?
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    ccp clod chassi.
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    anything in the detroit mi area on sept 20th?

    my stepbrother is getting married that saturday, and im going to be up there for the weekend. i know michigan monsters is near by, but is there a short course track or anything going on that friday?
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    New axle brace available.

    Just made these up, they are a cheaper alternative to the machined ones, $45 shipped:
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    going brushless

    would thorp gears hold up to brushless power?
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    3/16" aluminum

    where can i get aluminum for making chassis's?
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    wtb gmade axle set

    wanting two gmade g1 axles.
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    looking for parma 97 bigfoot body.

    97 longbed ford f150.
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    bennett clod a lever 1.

    i seen this on face book and remembered larry made some kind of cantilever kit for the stock chassis and maybe a tub chassis. is that really a clod a lever or a modified sassy?
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    reverse torque twist?

    i was racing my txt yesterday and every time i hit the brakes, the truck would twist onto the left front wheel. its missing a front sway bar and running hpi shocks with 50 wt oil and burnt purple integy springs for an emaxx. also, does anyone make a 1mm shim? my toploader gear that turns the...
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    midnight pumpkin/lunchbox mod

    does anyone know how to put a 4 link in the rear end on this chassis?
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    allen wrench drivers.

    where can i get a decent set of these in standard and metric?
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    transmission question

    is it possible to keep it in one gear without a servo?
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    scale mirrors

    does anyone make any?
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    wtb clod rollbar with lights.

    preferably scratched up/chipped chrome with all five lights. also looking for tamiya adjuster rod ends and ball joints.
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    running on sand

    what is the best way to sand proof a vehicle?