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  1. kevinatfms

    CPE Short Wheelbase Terminator - Overkill

    Just put this together. Needs shock tuning(shorten the shocks and new softer springs) but its looking good for the moment. CPE SWB Terminator chassis(without sway bars or battery trays) Overkill decals by MCI Racing and body by Jconcepts. Wheels are stock clod with Proline Decimators. Traxxas...
  2. kevinatfms

    CPE - Terminator SWB Kit

    Has anyone built a CPE Terminator short wheelbase kit? Here are my issues that im trying to rectify. If anyone knows what i did wrong or why its so ill fitting would be helpful.... If i mount the lower links to where the sway bars are inserted into the rod ends and the gear cases hit the...
  3. kevinatfms

    Help: SMT10 front sway bar?

    Here is an odd one. Want to put a front sway on the SMT10 Max-D. Bought the bar kit from Axial but need to know if the little bracket that secured the bar the the chassis is included in the box from Axial or do I need to buy the tree that has them? Tree part number is AX31362. It’s the four...
  4. kevinatfms

    Tower Hobbies Inventory OR Going Out Of Business????

    Anyone checked Tower lately? Seems 90% of the kits/RTRs/parts for manufacturer's not under the Hobbico umbrella are out of stock or discontinued. I know they are available through A-Main or Ebay so this leads me to assume that Tower Hobbies is in trouble. Anyone have any idea what is going on...
  5. kevinatfms

    Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine

    Lunchbox. Silver can with box esc. Only mod is the 3rd rear shock. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. kevinatfms

    Rustler "truggy" and Stampede 4x4 truggy

    Latest two projects: Rustler "truggy" - i called it a truggy since it is too wide for the stadium truck class and i bolted on a wing. Rustler(originally an XL1!) Xtreme Racing g10 chassis ANZA shock towers Hot Bodies Lighning 10 wing and mount RPM offset compensating front arms RPM rear...
  7. kevinatfms

    2 Roller Wheely King's W/ EQR Wheels

    MORE PARTS ADDED!!! 80's Chevy Clodbuster Grille - Painted chevy logo and missing headlight covers. Everything else in great shape. $15 shipped 4x Clodbuster hubs - the pin style stock hubs. Have an extra set i dont need. $10 shipped Duratrax 8t ESC - Great for mod motors. Low use. Comes with...
  8. kevinatfms

    Rant and praise about Tower Hobbies...

    So a few months ago i signed up for the Tower Hobbies super saver program after years of not having it. I was planning on a few projects that would required frequent buys from amain and tower and thought that i could use some of the better discounts from tower using the saver program. I...
  9. kevinatfms

    Tamiya ESC setup

    Anyone have any freaking clue how to setup these stupid Tamiya TEU-106BK? I have tried the tamiya instructions but it still will randomly lose all function. Swapped rx/tx and installed a fresh lipo but it still continues so i believe its a problem with the ESC. I have a TEU-103BK that works...
  10. kevinatfms

    Traxxas 3500kv motor

    Anyone have a Traxxas 3500kv motor laying around they would be willing to trade or sell? I have a 4000kv Trackstar motor or could trade others I have for one. Just need the motor, already have the ESC. Any help is appreciated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. kevinatfms

    Stampede 4x4 Roller

    Looking for a Stampede 4x4 roller.
  12. kevinatfms

    Log In issues?

    Anyone else try to log in and it just goes back to being not logged in? Only way it stays is to click on certain subtopics and then mysteriously it will log me in on the next page. Happening on my cell phone, laptop, home computer and work computer so i dont believe its on my end. Can anyone...
  13. kevinatfms

    Maybe another source for stronger parts?!?

    I am in contact with someone who may be willing to make stronger parts for the clod axles. He is hopefully going to chime in here in a little. 3d printed axle tubes and knuckles. I am willing to ship him an axle to prototype parts and if anyone is willing to help throw him some design cues it...
  14. kevinatfms

    1 stock long clodbuster body mount!!!!

    I have tried multiple sources and so far have come up empty. I ended up purchasing one from CPE only to be sent 2 pieces of threaded tube and some bolts. This is not what i wanted but at this point i will shove it in the toolbox for another day. What im looking for is the stock plastic "long"...
  15. kevinatfms

    RPM Products and Clodbusters

    I have repeatedly asked RPM products if they will ever produce axle tubes and knuckles for the Tamiya Clodbuster. Finally I got a response back... RPM "Answer Man" "Gearbox halves and axle tubes for the Clodbuster have been on and off of our potential products list for quite some time now. I'll...
  16. kevinatfms

    4 linked clod, clod parts, TL01B, micro RS4

    4 traxxas tmaxx shocks $30 shipped TL01B street truck roller - has CVDs and all tamiya hop ups. $110 shipped
  17. kevinatfms

    clod misc parts needed!!!!

    Trying to finish my "racer" build but ran into a snag. CPE doesnt have quite a few replacements parts, they are out of stock. So im asking if anyone has the following: Snap In Battery Cup for stock chassis 1 Front Body Mount(the long one) for stock chassis Front Body Bumper for stock...
  18. kevinatfms

    Kevinatfms Short Course Buggy

    Got this from Joe and started to build. Chuckworks Slice Da chassis 19/86 gearing 60amp ESC 3300kv 2 pole motor Futaba servo arm TC3 link to steering rack New stock rear hubs New steering rack Tactic 2 channel(old faithful) My laps transponder Will get some track videos soon!!! Sent...
  19. kevinatfms

    Racer build!!!

    Glimpse of what is to come. CPE lockouts, Vertical servo mount, c hub stiffness in the front and a new bearing kit installed. Added 2 new tubes to replace the broken ones. To come...chassis, steering links, wheels/tires, esc, silver cans and tx/rx. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. kevinatfms

    Chassis Companies??? Who is left?

    Since the clod has died out a bit, alot of companies have gone ghost on us. I am planning out my "racer" build now and have one final thing to buy...which just happens to be the most important piece. Here is what i have: Clod axles Bearings CPE vertical mount CPE lockout wheels stock...