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  1. william g

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  2. william g

    Tamiya clod buster pond ice and jumps!

    looked like a bunch of fun. If you hit a light pole out in the middle I'd swear it was one of Kenny's videos. LOL (KJR2)
  3. william g

    the rarest truck you've owned...

    Couple really, a bunch of Tamiyas. Bush Devil (supposedly disco'd because of president George Bush 1988?) 2 Blazing Blazers 4 of the original 4wd Hilux 3 speeds (before Bruiser) Pajero, the orig which was a tub chassis similar to the Midnight Pumpkin. Then there was he 2 Mariu trucks...
  4. william g

    Tamiya avante buggy commercial video i think???

    ok, you got me. That isn't the car I expected lol
  5. william g

    Kyosho foxx snow muck!

    How are those paddle/scoop tires holding up?
  6. william g

    Mad Force buy?

    great trucks, best bang for the buck. If you feel the need to, grab a few of these and you can use traxxas revo/maxx type plastic slider wheel axle shafts.
  7. william g


    Pretty darn goo Steve. Don't know how you followed along side it so well, but good job. Only one suggestion though, would like some part of it to have the actual sound it makes. You know, so we can hear the motor and gearbox noises.
  8. william g

    Fun with the tamiya jimny!

    Good little chassis, and fairly well adaptable to fit many bodies from various sources.
  9. william g


    Wow Steve, that was one of the best unboxing vids I've seen. No bias, just facts, very informative. Excellent job.
  10. william g

    Cross R/C scale truck, the HC4 military type pickpup

    Nice, you should do a picture thread on them both. :)
  11. william g

    Cross R/C scale truck, the HC4 military type pickpup

    Steve they are a true ''builders kit'', you really need to have some modeling skill other than just screw/bolting parts together. Real joy to have. Tim Rapko has it now, see his thread in here, he painted it silver.
  12. william g

    Redcat gen7 cut it off?

    Should be fine, it's a non stressed area carry just some electronics.
  13. william g

    New MST solid axle monster truck REVIEW VIDEO ADDED!

    If you not already have, check it out. LOL Not bad, he describes things well for a JST, Tamiya plug fan.
  14. william g

    Few of my new rides. _ Cross R/C HC4

    Tim, ever think of a driver figure for the cross rc hc4? For more information on Cross RC, or the HC4 try
  15. william g

    Redcat gen & tested tough review

    Great review Steve I was totally expecting a steering link, or servo failure. Surprise, held up. The tires were good too, seemed to have decent grip for a stock tire.
  16. william g

    Made my own crushed bodies

    much better than spending big money buying bodies and still having to paint them. :)
  17. william g

    It's good to he back!

    Lipos are great, run time and weight savings are insane.
  18. william g

    Redcat Everest Gen7

    Kenny, none of the images show, are they in a personal or password account?
  19. william g

    It's good to he back!

    Hanging in there, yourself? Ever get the mustang back on the road?