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  1. Supreme Reign

    New Freestyle RC Chassis

    Not yet available for purchase. Looks to be a replacement for their 1/8 chassis. Finally, a second chassis worthy of my Clod-tired trucks. I'm gonna have to sell some stuff..
  2. Supreme Reign

    What's On Your Workbench??

    I'm trying to work on a few Mad Force projects if Khan would just let me work. I had to move a chassis, so he could lie down.
  3. Supreme Reign

    Proof A Traxxas Solid Axle MT Is Never Happening

    Go to 8:20 to find out why Traxxas will not be making a solid axle MT.
  4. Supreme Reign

    Traxxas Vehicles I Own..

    Going through my collection, I realize that I've never owned a Traxxas vehicle. Back in '97, I really liked the Stampede, but hated the 2WD. However, I have acquired 9 Traxxas transmissions: 2 original E-Maxx, 2 new E-Maxx, an E-Revo, a Summit, and 3 of the 1:16 trannies. My only regret is that...
  5. Supreme Reign

    Who's Into Photography??

    Here's my new toy!! It's a Nikon D7200 DSLR. The problem of having expensive hobbies is one has to suffer while the other prospers. Here it is next to my D7100, which had been glitching for the past year and needed repair, so I finally replaced it. What do you use??
  6. Supreme Reign

    HPI Venture

    Looks promising.
  7. Supreme Reign

    SnoopMaxx Mad Force VE

    What do you do when you can't run your trucks until Odin awakens from his slumber?? Build something, of course!! I have a SnoopMaxx chassis similar to what he used on his awesome Monster Jam Fall Guy Truck. I swapped out the chassis braces for slightly wider ones, allowing me to install my...
  8. Supreme Reign

    New 1/10 SAMSON Monster Truck - Clear Body

    It's only available through the website only for $31.99. 1/10 SAMSON Monster Truck - Clear Body - #10241
  9. Supreme Reign

    Thundertech Wheely King Chassis

    It's not for sale yet.
  10. Supreme Reign

    TTR Tremor Pro Prototype

    This is the ThunderTech Racing Tremor Pro Prototype v1. It'll be showing up at the races soon.
  11. Supreme Reign

    BEEFY TopShaft & Slipper Combo

    Can someone justify the need and price for me?? $68?? That's more than I could by a complete trans for. Is the need for a Robinson Steel Slipper Combo that great?? I only plan on running 2S and 3S power?? That price, though.
  12. Supreme Reign

    Identify These Leafsprings

    Can someone identify the silver leafsprings. The black leafs are Jugg leafs. I got them in a trade from someone that had a Jugg and thought they were Jugg leafs.
  13. Supreme Reign

    Which Hub Carriers Do I Buy

    I'm looking to do narrowed axles. Do I buy 4 of the MA004F front Hub Carriers or 4 of the MA004R Rear Hub Carriers?? They look identical, so what's the difference??
  14. Supreme Reign

    Are Rear CVD's Needed

    I'm thinking about building another MF. Are rear CVD's necessary??
  15. Supreme Reign

    Rise of the ECD-R8 v1

    Wheeeeeeew!! Guess who's got a Mad Force VE Roller with CVDs on the way?!? THIS GUY!! If I told you what I paid, I might get banned. Mods: - Upgraded with HPI Hellfire CVDs, very rare - Kyosho 17mm locking hexes - MIP rear center CVD - ThunderTech Racing Eliminator Steering Kit: Part# CF-TF04 +...
  16. Supreme Reign

    TLT Rebirth

    Look what I built with spare parts. TLT-1 Rockbuster!! Now if I can just find the battery tray.
  17. Supreme Reign

    Kevin Hetmanski​ Builds Yeti-based MT

    It will be featured in the Spring issue of RCCA. Maybe now Axial will listen. ?\_(ツ)_/?
  18. Supreme Reign

    Clod Rims/Summit Trans/Mud Slingers/WK Tires

    NIB RC4WD Mud Slingers Monster 40 Series 3.8" Tires and Foam Inserts. A great choice for that Summit or Yeti XL. $90 SHIPPED
  19. Supreme Reign

    Found Some JPS Goodies

    I found my JPS bumper servo mounts and servo savers. I'm a bit stumped, because I don't know whether I should use either one to rebuild my Clod, or should I use both. The problem is, I don't really want to rebuild my Clod, because I can just use my brother's Z3 whenever I want. No sense taking...
  20. Supreme Reign

    Z3 H1 Alpha

    I had to repair a broken rear knuckle on my brother's Z3. I'm still unsuccessful in getting him to give it back to me. *Sigh* Of course, it has 4WS. We've got nudies!! Here you can see my easy access battery system and my Super Chicken power system. Shout to Homebrew Racing for the...