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  1. william g

    June 2017 and search still not working?

    Steven maybe this has been forgotten about but search still is not working. :o
  2. william g

    Monster Truck slot cars? (iwith video)

    Scalextric Monster Mayhem slot car monster trucks. This was just a small oval I setup to try it out. .
  3. william g

    Cross R/C scale truck, the HC4 military type pickpup

    Cross R/C quality is right up there fit and fiinish is top notch. High detail, lots and lots of parts both to glue and screw together. Started this AM after receiving it last night. Light sanding on 1 panel end to fit for the bed that's it so far. 2 speed transmission and 45 turn motor...
  4. william g

    stampede roller, brandy new _ _ chrome bigfoot front wheels added

    90 shipped or best offer
  5. william g

    Welcome aboard

    Welcome aboard, cannot wait to see what you do next
  6. william g

    Re production tamiya blazing blazer wild willy and other tires

    incredible quality from what I read on other site
  7. william g

    Merry Christmas everone, and happy holidays

    Tis the season, Merry Christmas everyone
  8. william g

    Happy turkey day everybody

    Hope everyone has a great day. Me, well watch this I'll be eating pizza LOL At least Liam (3yr old) is happy because there is now a ''chicken'' living in the back field he talks to. :cool
  9. william g

    Any Guinea pigs out there? RC$WD has diff gears

    RC4WD has some new diff gears for d44 and axial ales, any takers? I can't see taking the first plunge at 30 bucks
  10. william g

    503 error server unavailable when posting

    as above, a 503 error when I post, and heard about from another member
  11. william g

    So I managed to pick up a SMT10, and decided to go cookoo customizing it.

    Started off not even running it, but dismantled right after I took this I unloaded these parts to help pay for more goodies. Fully assembled bare chassis, 16 quart stock pot plus 1 bottle rit dye. Soak for 20 minutes, flip another 20 Rear axle assembly...
  12. william g

    Happy VJ day everyone

    Happy VJ Day Today is the day the Japs surrendered after WWII My Uncle Tony was aboard the USS Missouri when they signed the papers. He never spoke of the war, except for that day.
  13. william g

    madforce twin force axle parts _ not splitting it up

    Some pieces and parts, stub axles, dogbones, a diff (no pinion) a housing, cvd's and universal shafts, tubes shock mounts, body posts ect 50 shipped or best offer
  14. william g

    Anyone know the width of an xr10 axle or conversion scx xr10 axle??

    xr10 width, be it a scx conversion or an actual xr10, anyone have the 12mm hex to hex dimension?? I'd like to know the measurement to compare to a ar60 width.
  15. william g

    Traxxas Aton drone camera thingy helicopter 4 rotor toy public enemy

    Picked up a new Traxxas Aton drone. Pretty cool, has some cool features. First flight, or should I say time out was this morning. Success, took off and landed a few times and it was well, easy actually. I only had it on the property here so not a whole heck of a lot of room but is enough to...
  16. william g

    chevron tires from tamiya dump truck 12mm hex all 4 $42.00 shipped

    All 4 have a 12mm hex tires aprox 4'' tall same size as midnight pumpkin or wild willy 2000
  17. william g

    4wd Wild Willy project

    Awesome little truck kit. I picked up a tamiya dump truck kit for myself and grabbed a Wild Willy body to make Willy 4wd A 4wd Willy!!!!!!! Going to grab some hop ups and aluminum wheels as well as a cheap BL system as funds allow.
  18. william g

    Tamiya wheelie dump truck, brand new body

    madforce center link servo mounts _ _ 2 of these for sale $50 OBO for both
  19. william g

    Wanted, 1 clod wheel with good beads

    nubs can be trashed, can even be painted but The beads must be in good to like new shape
  20. william g

    Review Crew that time again? Tamiya Dump truck? Want to join? We need a builder!!

    We did a couple before, should we again??