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  1. kevinatfms

    CPE Short Wheelbase Terminator - Overkill

    Revised the the lower arms sit level and its much softer than before. Ultra Shocks(2 hole pistons) w/ Associated 2.5" front silvers and 2.5" rear greens with 15w AE oil and no preload. Next on the list is CPE pink beadlock rings to finish off the old school look.
  2. kevinatfms

    Clod chassis or axles

    I have a Z4 chassis that i would sell. Not going to finish it and put the axles under a SicNme ultralite chassis for a retro build. It would need links but that is about it. Will come with Traxxas shocks, CPE vertical steering mount and shock mount plates for the axles. PM me and we can work a...
  3. kevinatfms

    Losi LMT

    I bought a roller also. Mine came missing ALOT of items along with some very poor QC on it. After alot of tweaking and tightening of things it was finally back into good condition. The issues mine had right out of the box: missing battery strap loose hardware on chassis and shocks sticking...
  4. kevinatfms

    Chassis Companies??? Who is left?

    There are a few on facebook selling stuff now. ESP is even back in short supply with the 30th anniversary edition of the Clodzilla 2. And i saw on ebay the other day that Thunder Tech is selling the Ripper and Rage again.
  5. kevinatfms

    CPE Short Wheelbase Terminator - Overkill

    Just put this together. Needs shock tuning(shorten the shocks and new softer springs) but its looking good for the moment. CPE SWB Terminator chassis(without sway bars or battery trays) Overkill decals by MCI Racing and body by Jconcepts. Wheels are stock clod with Proline Decimators. Traxxas...
  6. kevinatfms

    CPE - Terminator SWB Kit

    Has anyone built a CPE Terminator short wheelbase kit? Here are my issues that im trying to rectify. If anyone knows what i did wrong or why its so ill fitting would be helpful.... If i mount the lower links to where the sway bars are inserted into the rod ends and the gear cases hit the...
  7. kevinatfms

    Closing RCMT

    Im back! Heard on one of the facespace groups that there were a few closing posts. So i came to check in and see whats going on. Ill try to start posting a bit more since ive been building a couple of clods, and SMT-10 and a Ground Pounder.
  8. kevinatfms

    Showtime Solid Axle Showdown

    That looks amazing. The driver out the window is just perfect.
  9. kevinatfms

    Showtime Solid Axle Showdown

    Been watching the videos on Youtube. You guys put on an amazing show. Any more photos of the truck in the first pic with the driver hanging out the window? Photo reminds me of Jim Kramer back in the day.
  10. kevinatfms

    was Gil Losi Jr nuts or what...?

    Not many can follow in a predecessors footsteps. He was one of them... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. kevinatfms

    Help: SMT10 front sway bar?

    I just went and bought an extra parts tree. It was only $7 so no big deal. Got screws with it also so everything is now installed with the front sway bar. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. kevinatfms

    Help: SMT10 front sway bar?

    I searched through every single one of them and couldnt find them. Looking at the parts list in the manual it looks like it should have been on a tree with the smaller pieces of the front cage. Maybe they changed what was included and dont put them in any longer? I guess ill have to order a...
  13. kevinatfms

    Help: SMT10 front sway bar?

    Here is an odd one. Want to put a front sway on the SMT10 Max-D. Bought the bar kit from Axial but need to know if the little bracket that secured the bar the the chassis is included in the box from Axial or do I need to buy the tree that has them? Tree part number is AX31362. It’s the four...
  14. kevinatfms

    Tower Hobbies Inventory OR Going Out Of Business????

    Dont know if anyone saw but they are over 100 million in debt. I think they are done for unless they can sell off its assets. They owe millions to alot of companies in the RC biz(Tamiya, Futaba, AE....etc).
  15. kevinatfms

    Tower Hobbies Inventory OR Going Out Of Business????

    Placed my last order from Tower Hobbies yesterday. Bought an SMT-10 Max-D since I was afraid that if I waited for the car i was really going to buy the gift cards i had would not work. Sucks they are filing chapter 11 but hope new things come from it. A-main is still around and will pick up...
  16. kevinatfms


    You think this new truck could handle a 550 SCT motor/ESC on 2s/3s?
  17. kevinatfms

    Tower Hobbies Inventory OR Going Out Of Business????

    Anyone checked Tower lately? Seems 90% of the kits/RTRs/parts for manufacturer's not under the Hobbico umbrella are out of stock or discontinued. I know they are available through A-Main or Ebay so this leads me to assume that Tower Hobbies is in trouble. Anyone have any idea what is going on...
  18. kevinatfms

    Try New RCs

    Anymore pics of the redcat? The pro version looks quite equipped. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. kevinatfms

    Constant Abuse Stampede updates

    When i had my "speed" pede going i used some weight in the front end to keep it down. It was the only way to get a Stampede over 65mph. I had the back and rear window cut out of mine and it still didnt help. Got one run of 74mph on 3s before i melted the undersized ESC. I have been thinking...
  20. kevinatfms

    Help choosing on-road RC

    TT02 Type S is a **** of a deal. The 4tec 2.0 is great from what I’ve seen and support is the best in the industry. For my own personal racer I am using the HPI Sprint 2. They are quite cheap on the forums and a 17.5 setup makes it a great little Racer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk