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  1. ScaleManiac

    WTB: APM fire extinguisher, APM side view mirrors

    I know its a long shot, but I am looking for an APM fire extinguiser and a set of side view mirrors. Also, if anyone has any APM parts ill buy them... top dollar paid! -Mike
  2. ScaleManiac

    WTB: ESP clodzilla clod buster steering cranks and old school clod parts

    Like the title says, I am looking for the ESP clodzilla clod buster steering cranks. Its the aluminum steering cranks with ball bearings that replaced the stock servo saver plastic ones. I am also looking for any old school clod parts from APM or Sassy. I am specifically looking for the...
  3. ScaleManiac

    TF2 single speed with PMN 4runner body

    So I really wanted another tf2 but I just couldn't afford the price of a complete kit. I have had an idea for an existing build to convert it over to a tf2 so I hit eBay and found the parts I needed to get it up and running for roughly half the cost of a new kit. I started with a complete...
  4. ScaleManiac

    Dusted off the purple people eater

    I recently got this bad boy up and running again. The rear motor had been cooked since the 08 worlds. Thanks to some help from Bart I was able to obtain some stand up brushes needed to get it rebuilt. My interest was also sparked when I saw the new visor and head light covers like APM used to...
  5. ScaleManiac

    Group photo version 2.012 (then and now)

    A few years back I had taken a huge group shot of all the RCs my stepfather and I owned. I had been wanting to do another shot to show how times have changed and see how the collection has over grown and or changed. Then Now SOR XJ then Now Scalers have changed up quite a bit, no more...
  6. ScaleManiac

    Been a while, need some help with motor brushes

    Hey guys, been a while since I have posted. I hope all is well with everyone. 2 of my buddies have picked up box stock clods in the past 2 weeks and I decided it was time to get mine off the shelf and make sure its useable. The last time it saw any use I believe it was the 08 worlds finals. I...
  7. ScaleManiac

    Paint Factory Powers Racing Clod
  8. ScaleManiac

    Just about ready...

    We'll I spent from about 7:30ish last night till about 11:30ish packing up the RC Trailer...Prior to that, I was laying underneath Jeff's Super duty bleeding brakes with mom when I noticed that the hose from the metal line to the new caliper was leaking at the caliper...after swapping in several...
  9. ScaleManiac

    LIPO help for Power's chassis clods

    Hey Everyone, Its been a long time I know, however Jeff, Mom, Zero, and I will be attending the worlds this year. I am dusting off the racing clods, steeling the RXs back from the scalers/crawlers and getting everything in order. I had ordered all new 4600 packs last year for the worlds and I am...
  10. ScaleManiac

    Atomic Toy

    Some of you may seen this on the other forums, but I finally got it worthy of some out doors shots so I figured I would share them here. Brake lines are all in And I started on the exhaust system Have to cap off the other outlet on the muffler Exhaust comes down from the engine...
  11. ScaleManiac

    What did you get for Christmas?

    Post up peoples, what sweet stuff did you get?? I made out like a Bandit this year GPS Losi MRC Lazer mini mouse Lap top lap lounge with fan lathe motors servos DX3R case RC4WD 1.9s creepers Spektrum hat Mt.Dew flex fit Mt. Dew beanie Mt. Dew beanie with brim DCs Hess truck Lots of hot...
  12. ScaleManiac


    Hey guys, been a while, but Jeff and I are dusting off the clods and puller and preparing for the worlds. Is there an on line registration? If not, where do I get a registration form these days and where do I send it too. havent gotten a news letter because my membership expired...need to renew...
  13. ScaleManiac

    Basement version 2.0

    Well we once again have stepped it up another notch. Spent the entire weekend so far down here. One of the local hobby shops was shutting its doors and we bought and got some stuff from him. Here is the walk through as of now. Open basement door, Hot wheels line the walls along with a sweet...
  14. ScaleManiac

    RC4WD Sand Rail chassis 1st Run/Flight

    I finally got down to the harbor today, to get this bad boy into some sand. Ill let the pictures and videos speak for themselves right now... I ran it on a 3600 intellect pack with a novak 5800 system. Gearing was 15/87. It ran pretty damn good other then needing heavier oil in...
  15. ScaleManiac

    old news maybe?

    Did anyone see that CCP appears to be back in biz? I see they are selling on ebay and looks like they are chroming new stuff. No we...
  16. ScaleManiac

    Some new truggy pics

    Was doing some testing on the new scale shocks by rc4wd today, figured I'd share the pics :tmb
  17. ScaleManiac

    Been a while...

    since I have posted, things have been crazy for me, working 2 jobs and just everything else. I am now in preparing for the scale nationals in montana which is like 2 weeks. The clone is just about ready to rock. Now supporting full leafs all around and a new front bumper built by chino63...
  18. ScaleManiac

    Budget Axial Bronco Xtrail build

    Well, I am out of a job, and cant seem to find work so all I have been doing (other then resumes and job apps) is wrenching on RCs. Before I was out of work, I had picked up and axial and Xtrail frame and finally had time to get it built up. Everything so far other then the wheels (donated by a...
  19. ScaleManiac

    Scout scaler

    Mom helped me pick this up for x-mas, I got it and swapped out some things and swapped in some new stuff such as high lift front shocks, duratrax rear shocks, rc4wd wheels and 1.9 rock stompers, custom CNC high lift jack from germany and installed new LEDs in the lights as many were burnt out...
  20. ScaleManiac

    Official 2007 NRCTPA Worlds Picture thread

    You guys can thank Mr.Etzler, took some awesome pictures :tmb here they are