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    Sealing Tires

    How do you guys go about sealing your tires when running in water/mud? I currently run stock Clod wheels/tires on my TXT-2 and after a run I just pope the bead and drain the water. Looking to put a set of Tribute wheels & Firestorm tires on and will be running the included foams. I would...
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    Help choosing on-road RC

    The one RC I've never had is an on road car. Never really had an interest, but a small company has just made a body to match one of my 1:1 cars and I swore if anyone ever made a body I'd get a car to put under it. I have spent the last hour or so researching and am no closer to making a...
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    TXT Diff Lockers

    I know this is a long shot, but if anyone has a set of the RC4WD TXT TracGear diff lockers I'd be interested. Or any other brand of locker, not sure who else made them. Email me at [email protected] if you have anything. Thanks.
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    TXT setup for mudding

    I've recently been doing a lot of trail running/mudding with my Clod and its tons of fun. The only issue is having the motors on the axles. Needless to say I go through them a lot quicker than I'd like. I got to thinking, how would a TXT do with mudding considering the motor is obviously...
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    Picked up a Mad Force today

    Have always heard good things about these trucks and happened to see an almost new MF Kruiser VE 2.0 on Craigslist and decided to pick it up. Truck is completely stock for now and haven't even run it yet. Seems like a very well built simple truck, should be fun. Going to run it stock in the...
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    Wrecked Barbarian

    Posted over on CT, but wanted you guys to see this too. Finally got my Digger Barbarian running perfectly and halfway through the second pack I hit a jump awkwardly and the right rear tire clipped the corner of my shed. Chassis is tweaked/bent in about 3 places, its pretty bad. Only other...
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    Recent Projects

    Finally got my gallery to work again so wanted to share a couple of my recent projects. First is the newest update to my TXT-2. Recently destroyed the body I had on the truck so painted a Proline 66 Ford body in a Bigfoot theme. Also added a set of Proline Destroyers on Clod wheels to get...
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    TXT-2 Shock Rebuild

    Been looking and cant seem to find the part number for a TXT-2 shock rebuild kit. If anyone knows the part number I would appreciate it. Also, does anyone know a place to get a set of the TXT-2/TXT-2 stock body posts (0005848)? Cant seem to find those either.
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    TXT Diff Lube/Grease

    Destroyed the bevel gears in my TXT-2's rear diff this morning. Looks like one of the pins broke on the carrier and the rest is history. Ordered some new gears/carrier but curious on what you guys use for lube in the diff and how much you use. I always just coat the gears lightly in the...
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    Grave Digger Barbarian

    Im still having some small issues with the truck, but its 95% completed and a blast to drive. The chassis/sway bars work really well and the truck is incredibly stable at speed and jumps really well. The one regret I have is going with the Axial drivetrain, it just doesnt seem like its going...
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    Posting photos to gallery

    Anyone else having trouble posting photos to their gallery? Get the message that the images were uploaded successfully but they never actually show up in the gallery.
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    WTB: Stock Clod Drive Hubs

    Looking for a set of the stock plastic drive hubs for a Clod. I know the parts tree is still available, but dont need all of the parts and would rather just find the hubs if someone has them lying around. Email me at [email protected] Have Paypal.
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    Opinions on radios

    So the collection is starting to grow and rather than having a cheap tx/rx for each vehicle I think its time to step up to a nice radio that can handle multiple vehicles. Only real requirement is that it is 4WS capable as most of my trucks are 4WS. Currently using a few of the 2.4 Lansu radios...
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    HPI Diff Gears - What went wrong here?

    So finally finished my Digger Barbarian and not even a whole battery pack later the HPI diff gears were destroyed in the front axle. One of the smaller gears broke clean in half. I used the washers that came with the gears, lubed them with red grease, and used threadlock on the axle shafts...
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    Power for Barbarian build

    Finally building a Barbarian and have everything sorted besides the brushless system. Going to be running and all steel gear trans with 32p 54/20 gearing to start. I was originally thinking of running the Castle SCT 3800kv, but wondering if I should go higher - 4600/5700? Will mostly run on...
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    Anyone offering painted bodies?

    Going to be building a Barbarian and looking to top it off with a nice Grave Digger body. Was going to just use the Parma 1/10 body, but really not a fan of the decals that come with it. Im a decent painter, but wouldnt even try to do a Grave Digger, too much detail. Does anyone know a...
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    Anyone painted a TXT-2 Chassis?

    Has anyone tried painting the TXT-2 chassis? Just worried with it being plastic it might not take paint very well, even with good prep. Going to try it, just wondering if anyone has had results - good or bad.
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    USA-1 Juggernaut Body Update

    Originally did a 1988 Silverado body for my USA-1 but never quite looked right to me. Painted a 72 Chevy from Pro Line over the winter and added a stock Clod roll bar.
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    Posting photos to gallery

    Is there still a problem with posting photos to the gallery? Just want to know if Im doing something wrong or if there is a problem with it.
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    WTB: TXT-2 Chassis, Roller, or Complete

    Looking for a complete, roller, or chassis set for a TXT-2. Condition not important, just need the chassis set for a project but willing to buy a whole truck if I have to. Can order from overseas but hoping someone around here has something they don't need. Email [email protected] if you have...