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    I finally had some time to make something for me! Ever since I saw Avenger in Arlington, TX with a truck body, I knew I had to have one. I used MCI decals. I chose to go with internal decals this time. I've never done it before and I think it came out great. Not too shabby for an amateur.
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    Crossmembers in stock!

    Crossmembers are now in stock. Choose from 72mm, 85mm, and 102mm. Made from solid 6061-T6 aluminum with M3 tapped ends.
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    New Product - Stock Clod 4-Link Kit

    SWMS introduces the stock Clod 4-link kit for just $30!
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    New Product - KK2 Wheelie Bars

    SWMS just added carbon fiber KK2 Wheelie Bars. Make sure to check them out when you get a chance!
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    KK2 Remix.....

    It's time that the original KK2 prototype gets a change up in powertrain. She's been running axial gear for a few years, and I think it's now time to drop in some classic Clod motor on axle action! Here are a few pics for where she's at now.
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    Flysky GT3B Upgrade Hack kit - for sale

    For Sale ($40 OBO, Brand New, Unused): OverKill RC updgrade kit for Flysky GT3B: Includes: -Firmware flashing kit -High efficiency voltage regulator -Steering wheel bearing mod
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    Southwest Monster Shop (SWMS)

    Hello members! I am pleased to announce that I have officially transferred from KingKlod to Southwest Monster Shop (SWMS). Please visit to see product offerings such as the well known KK1 and KK2. Make sure to register on SWMS because at 3pm CST on...
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    How To Tip: Proline Brawler RIT Dye Steps

    The following is a How To describing how to dye Proline Brawler wheels with RIT Dye. ***Disclaimer: This is the technique I used which result in successful coloring. Perform at your own risk.*** Okay, now on to the good stuff! :thumbsup: STEP 1: Gather your stuff. Materials...
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    KK2 Axial Transmission Updgrade

    So I've been racing my Axial based KK2 and during one of the races I finally stripped the 48P spur gear. I knew it wouldn't hold up but I wanted to use it until it was toast. So now off to perform some surgery! The KK2 makes it easy to drop the tranny and work on the guts. Just remove...
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    KK-2 Picture Thread

    This thread will be used for posting all the different KK-2s popping up. There are a lot of pictures shared on FB, and I want to make sure they get shared here too! Feel free to post yours too.:cool
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    For Sale - KK2s

    The KK2s are here and I have (0) available. Price: $290 shipped to the lower 48! Kit comes set for an Axial setup (AR60 axles & tranny) All aluminum construction All SST metric hardware Locknuts throughout Solid rod crossmembers Solid rod 4-links 3D cage w/adjustable placement...
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    Happy Father's Day!

    Happy Father's day to all you hard working dads. I hope you have a wonderful day that is filled with things you enjoy.
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    Must Read: KK's Sale!

    1.) SOLD! - New KK-1 Chassis Kit - New Clodbuster axles: complete - New rubber sealed bearings - New Traxxas Big Bore shocks with shock adjustment parts - New Losi 1.2lb black shock springs - New front steering links - New rear lockout - Lightly used RC4WD servo mount - Lightly used CPE upper...
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    KK's Garage Sale

    I need to unload some items to buy new items for the KK-2! I have a BRAND NEW set of Juggernaut axles. I was going to do a retro build, but I've got enough on my plate for now. One axle is unlocked and the other axle is locked. I am including a new set of bevel gears so that the locked axle...
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    WTB eMaxx 3908 Tranny

    As the title says, I'm looking for an eMaxx 3908 single motor brushless tranny.
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    KK-2......the beginning

    The KK-2 is now officially under way! This one is going to be based on the TXT-1 and its going to be awesome (I hope :p). I have all my TXT parts pretty much gathered, and now that I am done with my second KK-1 I can now get started with modeling. Finally! I am pretty excited about...
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    Wtb, TXT-1 drive gear

    I am looking for two TXT-1 drive gears!
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    TXT Replacement parts & ? for experts

    FYI to all needing TXT replacement parts. Towerhobbies has axle housings, gears, and a variety of other parts now available. TXT wheels have been up on eBay too and axle parts! Does anyone here know if Clod stub axles work on TXT axles? I know the TXT stub axles are longer so if I used the...
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    My second KK-1 build.

    So I have majorly been procrastinating on building this truck. I have had all the parts needed for several weeks so I have no real excuse. We had a major snow storm come through the Dallas area, so I have been locked in the house going on three days now. What better excuse to get off my butt...
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    KK-1 Chassis - They're back!

    KK-1 Chassis - last 2! ***All out of stock*** KK-1 Chassis Kit: $160 shipped Items included: -2 Chassis side plates (1/8" thick) -2 Axle mount kits (18" thick) -14 crossmembers -4-link kit -1 Electronics tray -52 SST Button head socket cap screws -24 Nylon locknuts All aluminum is 6061-T6...