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    WTB: CPE Faultline GP Chassis

    I'm looking for a CPE Faultine chassis to purchase. If you have one......please contact me at [email protected] Thank you
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    Please delete

    Guys i just lost interest in this truck. Clod Buster fever hit me and hit me hard! here's what i have Boyer 1/8 scale chassis with links, Hesse sway bars, Kershaw Designs Savage transmission, sway bar links, rc4wd punisher driveshafts, and Parma F150 body. That's over six hundred dollars...
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    Kongs, Clod tires, Axial trans, bodies, TAKE A LOOK!

    here's some stuff that i need to get rid of Axial 1.9 tires BRAND NEW $25 Axial 1.9 Wheels and Beadlocks $25 Emaxx 3906 trans will ALL NEW Gears PLUS STEEL IDLERS AND LIGHTWEIGHT STEEL DRIVE GEAR) * NOTE....the idlers need to be shaved down to fit. i did not know this until reading a...
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    Bearfoot Racer Grund Chassis Build

    i wanted to capture one of my favorite trucks like no one else i started with a Grund new Chassis that i bought from a friend of mine. I had a lot of parts that would work that i forgot i i ordered some goodies from Crawford Performance and started the build the...
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    Odds and Ends for sale

    I have some odds and ends i will be putting up here for sale.......clearing out a lot of stuff that i don't need. I will be posting some items up here every couple of days or so or as i find them. LOL here is a Racerback and a Sunvisor off of a Radio Shack Monster Patrol truck. I know a while...
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    Boyer 1/8 Scale Custom Build

    In the quest of trying to do something totally different.....we as guys find ourselves trying to build that truck no one has......that one that everyone looks at, our favorite monster truck icon, or simply just that thing that everyone knows is yours. Well.....I am actually no different...
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    Juggernaut Tires and Stock Clod/Bullhead Chassis & Shocks

    Bullhead Chassis......includes steering rods and shocks. $20....just want this thing out the way....but too perfect to throw away.
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    Sold.....please delete

    In the midst of my many projects I start and never finish I have s body I was keeping for a future scaler....but just don't have time for it. This is a New Bright 77 "Snoop Seville" Cadillac body. It still has the voice module and lights attached. I think it would look good and different on a...
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    Wheely Kings Fans & Owners on Facebook

    zup fellas! all you facebook users check out the Wheely King Page on Facebook! I'd love to see some of yalls trucks up there! RCMT respresent!! Here is a link
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    New "Sinister" Mad Force Kruizer, Clean E-Savage, NEW RC4WD Beadloacks & Rumbles

    Here are some trucks i haven't brand new and one super clean. The Mad Force was my "Sinister " Project. Has REAL Aluminum spikes on the body and Grave Digger LED light setup. This truck has NEVER been ran. I haven't event broke the zip ties on it to loose the suspension! This...
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    Anyone heard from SuperShafty?? Can't get in contact with them.....

    Anyone heard from the guy that owns supershafty? been trying to order some parts from him and emailed him up here and on his site a week ago and have not heard back from them. what gives??!!?!?!??!!!!
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    I need your help on a new project!!!!

    I was browsing on Ebay the other day and I saw something that I just had to have. I have been a twisted metal fan for years and I saw a radio controlled toy of the character Axel. Axel its the twisted metal character that drives a two wheeled vehicle. Well it came in the other day and I was...
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    New Traxxas Grave Digger never a whole(no body)

    This truck is brand new. i bought it because i wanted the 30 anniversary body for a build i wanna do. WHOLE TRUCK NO BODY $150 AND YOU NEED TO ADD IS TX BATTERIES AND A BODY. A STEAL! if it doesnt sell within a week i will part it out
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    Delete please

    Here they are. never ran. $36 a pop takes em. Shipping shouldnt be over $10 within US. just in case someone tries to be funny....BODIES ONLY! ;)
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    What do YOU drive??? 1:1 AUTO!!!

    everyone has their baby that they drive or used to i figured i would start a thread if there already wasn't one. first off is my this one is why i can't get my wheely king finished! its an 86 Buick Regal with a 3.8. i changed all the computer ized carb stuff to regular...
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    Delete Please

    Only one run on this inside the house. super clean. the only two things that have been changed are the springs and i added monster jam front tires and wheels (- offset) to it. comes with instructions.....all you will need will be tx & truck batteries. No scraps...
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    GOt my 1/16 Grave Digger.......FUN !!!

    i got my lil grave digger today. man...that's a fun little ride....and it has spot in it for 2 battery packs! pics coming tomorrow.....
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    Wheely king project UNDERWAY...

    i just scored a wheelie king from Predator77 and i also have a new Bounty Hunter WK that i haven't even ran yet. problem is this. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO BUILD!! i want to make something people haven't seen before. doin it is not the's deciding what to build! this...
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    Ground pounder shafts........

    i am working on a Wheely King project.... and have another that i am about to start... and i see everyone changing drive axles and i have plan to do the same with a revo shaft. however....i remember purchasing the ground pounder aluminum shafts for a GP i had....and i was curious to know if...
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    Has Anyone seen the Tamiya VW Wheelie Bus?

    i was lookin on tower hobbies just seeing what was out and i ran across this. has anyone seen it? it's built on the Tamiya Wild Willy chassis. after i get my couple of my wheely king projects done.... this looks like a perfect vehicle to make a "Mystery Machine" with.... herre is the link...