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  1. kjr2

    Closing RCMT

    I haven't posted on here in years. I used to post daily. My lack of involvement is due to a variety of reasons. I still RC, but it's not my main hobby. I would hate to think that there is no RCMT, but this RCMT doesn't have the same feeling as the RCMT of old, no offense meant to the owner...
  2. kjr2

    KhyzerSoze's SMT10 fleet.

    Very nice build. Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to Max D pics
  3. kjr2

    Blaise's Mad Monster

    Nice vid! I've been wanting to take my Wheely King to the beach forever but haven't gotten around to it. I've also been eyeing those new Mad Crusher rigs they look reeeeal nice
  4. kjr2

    10428 Hammers Clone Buggy

    Better pics
  5. kjr2

    Redcat making portal axles for gen 7!

    I like my Sport version a lot. The only complaints I have now are steering radius is huge and pumpkins hang a little low. I ground the nubs off the arms. Now I'm gonna try bending the link a little. I don't want too much steering so that the dog bones bind and I need CVAs.
  6. kjr2

    Just finished my chassis - Candyman build

    Very nice work candy man! Very nice!
  7. kjr2

    10428 Hammers Clone Buggy

    I got a WLToys 10428 buggy one of the Vaterra Twin Hammers clone chassis. This is the cheaper one, it was $88 shipped from east coast USA. Differences between this one and the more expensive $160+ ones (blue & black RZR, green buggy, and blue Jeep) are this one has no slipper clutch, no...
  8. kjr2

    Redcat making portal axles for gen 7!

    Those look nice! I might get some for mine
  9. kjr2

    1/12 Chinese Buggies x2 now

    It's insane that these are so cheap. $40 shipped from inside the US for the red one. And the performance/quality is SO much better than any toy RC. Keep saying it, $40 shipped with battery!
  10. kjr2

    1/12 Chinese Buggies x2 now

    I tired some more aggressive tires on the green one and did not like it. Too much traction for pavement. Kept flipping it over every time I turn.
  11. kjr2

    1/12 Chinese Buggies x2 now

    I got another one too. I replaced the green one with a new one, and I got a red one called the Virhuck v01. There are several differences between these too. Red one (Virhuck v01) $39.99 shipped!! 380 motor (or 370) Light bars/no lights Annodized aluminum body panels Hex hardware Slipper...
  12. kjr2

    1/12 Chinese Buggies x2 now

    Got a new one. My first one was getting pretty tired. Tires were bald, been running it for a year, the motor was probably almost done too. pic from the other evening
  13. kjr2

    Help: Savage 25

    I had one when they were new. Lots of good times had with that rig!!!
  14. kjr2

    My newest toy

    They're working for me now too. Cool looking truck! I had a similar body on my Savage before.
  15. kjr2

    My newest toy

    No pic?
  16. kjr2

    Ecx barrage gen 2 doomsday first run!

    Looks like fun! I haven't driven mine yet but I unboxed it right away. The tires are softer than I expected; I thought they'd be like the Traxxas MJ tires but they're way softer compound. Do you know if the wheelbase on this version is the same as the standard RTR and kit versions?
  17. kjr2

    Ecx doomsday barrage gen 2 showcase

    Thanks for the reply/info
  18. kjr2

    Ecx doomsday barrage gen 2 showcase

    I just ordered one too. For $99 shipped its a no brainer. Do you know if there's any difference with the gen 2? And do they sell parts to unlock the diffs?
  19. kjr2

    Hey, new member

    People like to use Tamiya Clod buster lits and Axial SMT10 trucks as a base for racing MT builds. Check those forums for info and see what you like.