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  1. kjr2

    10428 Hammers Clone Buggy

    I got a WLToys 10428 buggy one of the Vaterra Twin Hammers clone chassis. This is the cheaper one, it was $88 shipped from east coast USA. Differences between this one and the more expensive $160+ ones (blue & black RZR, green buggy, and blue Jeep) are this one has no slipper clutch, no...
  2. kjr2

    1/12 Chinese Buggies x2 now

    Traxxas Rustler front shocks on rear of buggy. All else stock. Painted wheels black. Added stickers. Balded tires after countless runs. Mangled my front skid brace after hitting uneven pavement a few times at full speed
  3. kjr2

    New Kyosho Rampage Tough Truck

    Have you all seen this new Kyosho Baja truck? It's more scale looking than a slash with an 80s/90s style body and has a MOA rear axle. What do you guys think? I'm really liking it
  4. kjr2

    Try New RCs

    My interest in RC has been restarted after buying two rigs from companies I'd never liked (or thought I would like). First one was Redcat. I never liked anything Redcat had to offer but I love the Everest Gen7 scale truck I got. The other is Losi. I got the Night Crawler 2.0 and it has...
  5. kjr2

    Merry Christmas RCMT

    Merry Christmas everyone. I hope everyone had fun with friends and family and good food.
  6. kjr2

    Happy Turkey Day

    Happy Thanksgiving guys!
  7. kjr2

    Wheely King in Some Leaves

    Just a little clip, hastily edited, of my WK in some dry leaves
  8. kjr2

    Redcat Everest Gen7

    I've been wanting a 1.9 trail rig for a while. I almost went with the ECX Barrage or it's Chinese branded twin but the 380 motor and narrow axles didn't get me exited. When Redcat announced the Gen7 Everest I wanted it right away. I haven't driven it yet but here are some initial impressions...
  9. kjr2

    Stampede and Buggy Bash

    Used my Go Pro to get some bashing video
  10. kjr2

    Some of my rides

    Stampede Slash Bandit Also have a Ruslter, Wheely King, and Tamiya buggy. I'll try to get updated pics of them this weekend.
  11. kjr2

    VXL Tranny Goes Boom

    Even the mighty VXL transmission cannot withstand the abuse my 9 year old nephew dishes out.
  12. kjr2

    What's Going on with the Hobby?

    Tower Hobbies has like ZERO Traxxas parts in stock. No tires, spare parts gears, etc, bodies. No HPI bodies on stock. Parma quit making all the 1/10 truck bodies. OFNA is apparently out of business...
  13. kjr2

    Is New Bigfoot Body Availalble Separate??

    Is this newly released old school Bigfoot body available separate from the RTR?? I can't find a part number...
  14. kjr2

    SMT10 Wheels on Wheely King?

    Anyone using SMT10 wheels on their WK? They are available from Tower hobbies for pretty cheap. I wonder if the offset is OK. These are really cool looking IMO...
  15. kjr2

    The 2wd Family

    Only one Stampede but all closely related. Just found this one at the thrift store, no transmitter, $5. I couldn't pass it up. I might turn this into another Stampede... Old school 1st gen Bandit. MSC, 27mhz rx, battery that won't charge. Peg style slipper.
  16. kjr2

    Raspberry Pi emulator

    I also built a Raspberry Pi (ver. 2) to run Emulation Station with 8 and 16-bit games. It'll emulate a dozen or so consoles up to PlayStation (ps one) but I only like the truely old-school. I have ROMs from NES, SNES, Genesis, and TG16 on it. It was a really fun project. It did take a few...
  17. kjr2

    My PC

    I built this PC about 6 months ago. i5 4460 with lo pro cooler gtx 770 evga blower style 8gb ram Kingston HyperX Fury ASRock h97m Pro4 mobo Micro ATX Corsair cx500 PSU Samsung 250gb SSD Win 10 ASUS optical drive Thermaltake Urban S1 case (mini tower)
  18. kjr2

    MF Kruiser VE 2.0 coming soon

    Listed on a coming soon page:
  19. kjr2

    What's faster stinger or magnetic mayhem

    With stock gearing which one is faster? Traxxas Stinger 20 turn or Magnetic Man 22 turn 550? Sent from LG G3
  20. kjr2

    New pics

    Still one of my favorites Sent from LG G3