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    Amark spiked Clod tires/wheels for fs/ft

    These tires are good for "bashing" or maybe even "mud-running".The wheels have been painted white.Looking for $40 shipped or trade for 2.2 or 1.9 wheels and tires(preferably non-beadlocks).No 1.9 FlatIrons.I have way too many set's of them laying around. Also,I have some plastic spikes that...
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    Tamiya tank for sale or trade

    Missing a few body part's but still run's.Looking for scx10- based truck or anything with TLT axles.Selling for $180 shipped.
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    2.2 trailrig (wip)

    Been a long time since I posted here.Here's what I have so far.It's still a wip.LMK what you think.:) Hi-Lift axles,custom tubework(Rome'sCreations),2.2 J-hawgs and maybe,2.2 rc4wd tires,Jun-Fac wheels,still trying to decide on which tranny to use(pede,t3,stock),Hitec servo.Still a way's to...
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    HPI WK servo/upper link mounts

    Mike.How much would a set of servo/upper link mounts cost for the WK?